Little Kids Fun at the Tulsa Central Library

The Central Library located in downtown Tulsa is rising to the top of our weekly to do list. This library location received a massive make over. Erase from your memory any thoughts you have of the downtown library. I promise the this new building will exceed your expectations.

The first thing new addition I appreciate is the parking garage. Take a left on Denver at the stop light directly in front of the library. The parking lot is well lit and makes it easy to unload your kids. I don’t even need a stroller when I go. The girls love either walking right in or taking the steps or elevator if we park on a different floor. So far it has always been free.

Once we entered the library doors my kids start yelling “Mom, go get coffee.” Yes that is correct there is a Starbucks located in the library now. My kids recognize this logo as “Mom’s Coffee.”

The first time we went it was one of those mild winter days. I had no idea that there was a HUGE outdoor space that can only be accessed from the library. It is a stunning space. You can find daily activities on their website. We scored and happened to be there for a play time that was all outdoors. They had bikes, balls, games and hoola hoops. The staff member working this area was beyond helpful. When she noticed my girls wanted the same item she went and found another one for them. Clearly I am not used to this and was speechless. Yes, sometimes I become speechless.

The girls recalled passing fun items when we were inside so they requested to go back inside. Before we left I noticed a huge outdoor movie screen. I am hoping when it warms up there will be lots of family movie nights there.

There is a large Children’s Area. Bins are filled with children’s books. They can are able to grab them without assistance from an adult. Besides books there are numerous interactive installations. One wall you can put balls through tubes. It is a magnetic wall so the tubes can be placed in various directions and moved with ease.

There is an interactive alphabet. You spin the wheel and the letters of the alphabet go by. This is always a hit with Reese. There is a play kitchen also that is built in. On one half of the installations is an entire area you can grab blocks and other toys.

The Children’s Area can entertain an infant to a 10 year old. There are very detailed portions of the interactive play areas. My kids do not understand all of those yet but the older kids would.

Our next visit we stumbled upon being there for a science experiment. I didn’t know if the girls would stay but our babysitter and her daughter were there too. She is just like having an older sister and they love to be her shadow. It was a simple yet super creative activity. They read a book first and then every single child got to participate.

After that the girls, of course, decided to play hide and seek with their friends. And for all those tech loving kids they have computers also.

Now that winter has finally hit in Tulsa, I would recommend adding this to your list of winter activities.

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