Introductions and Happy New Year

Saying it is a new year just makes the world seem more shiny. People have often asked why I don’t write a blog. Resolutions are not my thing, but trying new things and breaking bad habits is always good for the soul. So when I made the transition back to Tulsa with my family of four over the holidays, it seemed like the perfect way to rediscover my hometown as the mom of twins.

Tulsa has always had our heart. I grew up here, and my husband graduated from TU. The girls have frequented Tulsa numerous times. Now, as a family of 4, we are thrilled to have made the 226-mile move to be living on Tulsa Time. It seems simple, right? Just move 4 hours. But the move proved to be just like our every day life. A mix of organized chaos sprinkled with surprises.

One of the biggest appeals of being in Tulsa is having family in Tulsa. Which is forty plus and growing. I was raised by a village and want the same for my kids. And thanks to their helping hands, the girls did not seem to skip a beat.

Let me briefly describe our family. We are a family of four made up of myself, my husband and our 22-month-old girls, Blythe and Reese. I am a stay at home Mom, and my husband works for a beverage company. Blythe, we like to say, is in training for the CIA. She is an observer who is always surveying the situation. Guacamole is her favorite food. Reese is an almond milk super fan. She would love to cuddle all day. Both girls adore mud, parks, rocks and dressing up in their gems.

I am not the stay at home Mom you see on Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Pinterest fan, but I was not given the skill set to truly execute those beautiful meals and crafts. Daily adventures with “my entourage” always prove to be entertaining and comical. You will hear us out in public, and I welcome a kind smile or an air high five letting me know you understand. You understand that toddlers are little politicians. Yet, I do not know which party they are loyal to or which way they will ever vote. It is still mind-numbing to mentally prepare to take them out in public solo even though I’ve been doing it since they were 3 months old. I’m not a pro, but I’m always up for an adventure.

To attempt to keep up with Blythe & Reese, I like to drink java all day long. Also, a healthy dose of carbs and smoothies seem to be the perfect fuel to say the word “share” one million times, dance to every song they hear and attempt to convince them to try new foods. If you see us out, you will most likely hear us first. Stranger danger is in full force.

My kids happen to be twins. But throw out every thought you have on that and follow our ride. Sure they have the same birthday, similar DNA and equal love for Doc McStuffins. But Blythe & Reese deal with almost every situation differently, and it requires us to juggle the toddler mood and mind. It is a challenge for me to learn with each moment how to support their different personalities. Being a first time Mom to twins is kind of like attempting to run a marathon without any training.

Join me weekly as I share what there is to do for toddlers in Tulsa. Also when I get to sneak away, I will be sharing how I reconnect with friends in Tulsa and get to enjoy more adult time. Tulsa has so much to offer. My list of places to visit is long and ready to get started.

The game that helped us get through the move with the girls is named “Let’s Go!” Both of them shout it as if they are on a mountain and run as fast as they can. They want people to follow them and do this on repeat for as long as the adult of their choice needs a water break. It is a phrase that is now stuck in my head, and it is a good motto for 2016. So, Let’s Go and explore all things in TTOWN.

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