Extracurricular Activities

Between soccer, dance, and tennis, we are staying busy this season!

With 4-year-old twins, it is hard to predict what extracurricular activity they will love. My goals with activities for the girls is for them to try something new. It is also a great opportunity to bond with their peers.  And it’s an extra bonus if we discover something they truly enjoy. As an adult I am often annoyed that I have a fear of trying new activities. Admittedly, it is the fear of failure. That is why I am proudly taking my second round of beginners tennis at LaFortune. I am 100% the worst person on the team. But honestly, I do not care at all. I look forward to going and learning something new. Endless love to our coach Dave for his patience and kindness with my tennis skills. And sorry to all the cars and humans I have hit with tennis balls.

The last two summers, the girls took camp at That’s Dancing Studio. To say they loved it was an understatement. The staff at this studio makes all the kids feel like dancing stars. This year, the girls are taking tap and ballet from That’s Dancing Studio. The countdown for dance to start felt like a million years, according to Blythe. To see their excitement to pack their dance bag makes me so happy. It is also nice that at this point in their life they both want to do dance. And the girls have already been pushing to go back to their camp for next summer.



Dance Camp Photos

Dancing Queens

This Saturday marks the first soccer game for the girls’ Metro Tulsa Soccer Club team, the Rainbow Cheetahs. The name screams, “We are here to win!” 🙂 At their one and only practice I was elated that there were no tears and that they both wore ponytails. Again I caught myself thinking how proud I am that they are just trying something new. My kids get excited about accessories, and they are friends with the entire team. It will be interesting on Saturday when they actually compete. I am predicting lots of laughter from the parents and that we will be sending buckets of encouragement for the team to stay on the field.

For the girls’ birthday, they were gifted the opportunity to have tennis lessons at RH91. They have both been requesting lessons for 2 years, which I attribute to my Aunt’s love of tennis. And if they could become as awesome as another set of twins who play tennis, I mean, count me in! This experience has been great as well. The coach is patient and teaches them life skills as well.



Even if the girls do not keep up with any of these activities, I will always be grateful for the teachers and coaches. These individuals are awesome role models. Each is teaching them patience, a new skill, community and kindness.

Each family has different opinions on what they feel their kids should do outside of the classroom. For our family, we will take it season by season. At this moment in time a balance of school, activities and plenty of time to just be is important to our family. Now let me get back to reading “Soccer for Dummies.”

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