Exploring Innsbrook

Innsbrook in Missouri offers a relaxing lakeside getaway with plenty of family activities.

With a few weeks left at summer, I had been daydreaming of a weekend trip to Innsbrook. My brother and sister-in-law introduced this Oklahoman to a hidden gem in Missouri earlier this year, when we spent a winter evening there. After that quick trip, I had been looking forward to going back during sweet summer time.

Innsbrook is located a little over 6 hours from Tulsa. When you arrive at Innsbrook, the true beauty of it hits you instantly. Being outside provides instant peace. There is no doubt I need to plan more time outside. The girls had been asking when they get to see their cousins for days. They may have hit a new record of asking over a million times.

cousins in matching outfits grin on stairs at innsbrook

My brother and sister-in-law have the coolest cabin there. Do not worry: They rent it out, if you ever feel like exploring Innsbrook. There are over 100 small lakes at Innsbrook. There are hiking trails, beaches, golf and fishing. I grew up going to grand lake, which I still love. But this has a totally different vibe. It is smaller, and it is quiet. When you just sit in silence, that is what you hear. Large motor boats are not allowed on these lakes. You will see canoes and paddle boating. Also, you see endless smiles. As soon as we passed out hugs, it was time to get on the golf carts to the beach. The beaches are great for families. Close to the shore, you can catch the minnows with nets. Further out you can swim to a platform that is perfect for cannonballs into the lake.

a cabin and firepit at innsbrook

children standing on the bank of a lake at innsbrook

It feels like Innsbrook has thought of every detail to make this an ideal family destination. Everything is close together so once you arrive, you never feel like you are stuck traveling to and from activities. It is truly the opposite.

Since it was winter last time we went here, the pool was not open. The girls are not strong swimmers yet, but they have this neat lazy river that is made for small kids. The girls could stand in it and go around in circles for what seemed like hours. There are two pools, which provides plenty of space for all swim skill levels. An added bonus is that there are food and beverage options at the pool. It is always a treat to have a “Mom Drink” at the pool.

I noticed again how clean the entire space is. Next to the pool there is a playground for kids. Then further back behind, there is a space where they have summer concerts. We were lucky enough to be able to go and experience the show. The girls loved being able to stay up late. The cover band was awesome. It was also a bonus to see some deer running in the background as I watched the girls dance like they were going to be discovered by a talent scout.

There were 8 cousins this weekend at the lake. It is always priceless to see the memories they are making together. I am a true believer that having lots of activities for kids to run free and enjoy summer make for the best times. At Innsbrook there is also a stable with horses and ponies where the kids can go and see these beautiful creatures. By the stables are tennis courts, golf courses and hiking trails. One of the evenings we had a crab boil at the house. One of my favorite meals of the summer. But if you do not want to cook, there is a restaurant onsite as well.

This trip literally flew by. I did not want leave. It was such a treat to be in an environment our family does not get to experience enough. I’m hoping that on our next trip to Innsbrook we can stay for a week and discover more about this beautiful place. Life is filled with constant items on to-do lists, meetings, activities and crazy schedules. It was nice to freeze time and live in the moment with family for a few days.

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