Dinos Arrive at the Tulsa Children’s Museum

The Tulsa Children's Museum's newest exhibit, Red Dirt Dinos, was a hit!

The Tulsa Children’s Museum just opened a new exhibit. My girls’ first reaction to the Red Dirt Dino Exhibit was priceless. They entered the room with their friend Callie and all three of them froze. The immediate question to follow from Reese, “Are you sure they are not real?”

The entire Red Dirt Dino Exhibit is impressive. My girls had to dive into the exhibit over time, since they still were not confident that these realistic dinosaurs were, in fact, fake. Digging for fossils is a unique feature at this exhibit. The girls of course dug the accessories for the dig. The Dinosaur Slide is a good size for all ages. Debating if their favorite dinosaur was the small or big one became a topic of conversation for 48 hours after our visit. I wish I could have captured their faces when they would stare at these impressive dinosaurs.

There is also a feature where you can pick up dinosaur eggs.

The Children’s Museum is where the girls had their birthday party. The main room of the museum is still filled with the best features. It seems no matter how many times you go down the tape slide, it never gets old. Thank you, Tulsa, for having this great museum for kids of all ages.

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