Daytrip to Collinsville

I love summertime. At the beginning of each summer, our family makes a list of all the things we want to do during the break.  Of course, my kids always list things like “Hawaii” or “Disney World”…which I then tell them that they better win the lottery.

I however, am a bit more realistic.

One of the places I have been wanting to visit is Collinsville.  One of my dear friends moved there last year, so that gave me extra incentive.  I’d actually have a tour guide!

I love small towns and quaint little Main Streets.  Collinsville definitely fits that description.  It’s a perfect day trip to do with or without the kids.

This time, I had my little three year old sidekick with me.

Collinsville has done a great job preserving their historic Main Street.  I honestly was shocked at all the cute boutiques and shops they have in such a small town.  Vintage shops, antique shops, lots of jewelry and clothes as well.  And a lot of it was handmade – which I absolutely love.

My favorite shop would have to be the Crème de la Crème Boutique.  I would probably still be there shopping if I didn’t have to feed my child.  They have several different vendors offering everything from handmade gift items, darling kid’s clothes and toys, trendy jewelry, shoes and clothes.  I got the absolute cutest summer dress ever for $19.  Seriously.

And speaking of bargains…there is a shop across the street called All Dolled Up that is liquidating their wedding dress inventory.  And when I say liquidate – I mean like FIFTY DOLLARS for a brand new dress.  I wish I had known about this place a few years ago!

I could go on and on about the cute shops – but it was time to eat.  If you are in the mood from some serious comfort food – you can’t beat Silver Dollar Gift Shop and Cafe.  Chicken-fried steak as big as a plate.  People drive from all over for this Oklahoma specialty.  You just may need to take a nap before driving home.

And for the kids – homemade ice cream from Scoops, a darling store on the corner of Main Street.  They have a variety of flavors – Josie chose bubblegum.  I have to admit, it was pretty darn good.  They also have all kinds of coffee drinks and pastries too.

And to work off the sugar rush – I was pleasantly surprised to find their gorgeous city park a few blocks away.  Run those kids around this beautifully landscaped park while you rest on a shaded bench.   And there is still plenty of time to get home for an afternoon nap (for mom too!)

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