Beating the Back to School Blues

Tips for local moms.

So, I don’t know about the rest of you all – but our summer went by in the blink of an eye.  I am having a tough time facing the fact that school starts next week.  And my kiddos are not dealing with this reality very well either.

Since I have four kids at four different schools – I can use all the help I can get to prepare my brood for schedules, homework and getting up early.  So I decided to tap into my network of mommy friends and see what sage advice they had to offer.  Here are a few I thought were worth sharing.

Missy Bruns – mother of two elementary school boys:

“Set a realistic schedule for your kids as you start back to school. Kids thrive in a healthy routine and the structure you provide can help them as they transition back to school. We do our homework right after school and the kids have a pretty early bedtime. We reward our kids on the weekend if they were successful at maintaining the weekday routine with a positive attitude. We reward them a trip the batting cages, a movie, or a trip to get ice cream.

We tried to do our back to school shopping online and ended up returning several items because of fit. We went to Trippets and we were so impressed with their staff in helping us get the perfect shoes for kids. There are some real benefits in shopping local.”

Kimberly Jackson – single mom of three:

“Best advice ever, use your cell phone calendar for alerts. I have so many obligations… I just love plugging in whatever task and getting multiple reminders. As a single mom, it makes me feel more “together” and it prevents me from missing important events for my son!”

Debra Morrow – single mom of one:

“If bedtimes have slipped over the summer, start readjusting two weeks ahead of time. If you do it little by little, the kiddos will be back on their school schedule when the time comes.”

Rhonda Hinrich- mother of a fifth grader and eighth grader:

“About two weeks before have the kids start to go to bed closer to school bed times.

Revise area restaurant dinner specials (McNellies $4 hamburger night, Joe Momma’s $5 pizza night, Yokozuna Sushi Happy Hour etc.) Because schedules are so busy when schools starts we eat dinner out a lot more than during the summer.

Go over packed lunch request.  My kids hate school lunches and we pack lunches daily. Every year the kid’s tastes change so we go over what they want in their lunches.

A few last hoorays such as the Zoo, Aquarium or a quick trip to Dallas.

Look at last year’s uniforms and figure out what will work this year.  We are starting High School so some of my daughter’s uniform pieces can be altered and reused.”

Heather Streich – mother of three:

“Starting first of August – no more sleeping in! (At least, not past 9. We are slowly working our way back to rising early).

Right along with that – no more watching TV until all hours.  All electronics go off at 9 p.m. If you’re not tired, take a book to bed!

We have begun to do school work! (Yes, I am the meanest mom EVER!) A few Math sheets here and there, Spanish vocal review and especially focusing on finishing that summer reading.

And finally, I do what’s called Review and Reminders. Nightly, I’m beginning to address with the kids what my expectations for this school year are: Lunches made the night before. Electronics only after homework is complete. We stop watching TV on weeknights.

I also ask them what their expectations of the new school year are. We will discuss what each one needs in order to get to school on time and be happy (revise that to at least not crying, screaming or yelling. Happy may be out of reach).”

And last, but certainly not least in my book:

Stacey Roggendorf – mother of a fifth grader:

“Stock up on the wine.  You are going to need it to get through the homework.”

That might be the best piece of advice I’ve heard yet.

Thanks to all my mom friends for sharing their tips – and happy back to school!

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