Celebrating ‘Four’ at Tulsa Children’s Museum

For the second year in a row, Reese and Blythe chose to have their birthday party at Tulsa Children's Museum.

Since Christmas, Blythe and Reese have been planning their birthday party. No clue why they need so long to chat about the planning, but it did allow time for plenty of discussion about where they wanted to have their party. For the second year in a row, the girls chose the Tulsa Children’s Museum.

The girls both like to be in constant motion. This is an ideal place that allows them to run with their friends and family. The museum offers different birthday party options. We chose to rent the museum out on a Sunday morning. I love that everyone can bring their siblings and both parents. The more the merrier!

Last month, a new exhibit, Math + Music, opened in the main hall. Personally, it is one of my favorite exhibits that we have experienced over the past two years.  When you first enter the main hall, do not worry, the amazing tape slide is there. Now there are these cool swings that make sound as you move. They can hold adults and small children. At the party it was awesome to look over and see all age groups enjoying the space.

There is a net climbing tunnel that allows you to enter the tape slide on a different route. Reese went up this a trillion times. So much that in the middle of the party she was wiped out.

In the back of the space there is a great area for the ultimate dance party. A disco ball and some lights make the perfect combination to bust a move.

The girls both loved where you can put clear pegs into what I call a giant Lite Brite. There is also an area where you can play musical chairs.

At the party, the side room still held the awesome dinosaur exhibit. Past that exhibit, during the party we were able to take over the demonstration room for treats. It is a perfect area for us to have snacks and food. Did I mention my girls do not like to stop? So having the option for the families and kids to snack anytime was a must with my crew.

A new part of our party this year was to have some science experiments. The museum staff is so clever. They did a series of demonstrations. This one was the grand finale, and it did not disappoint.

I know that in this season of life there are a lot of birthday parties. So I want to say thank you to everyone who attended our and made our girls feel so loved. And birthdays are those rare occasions that bring people out from all different stages of your life. It was a special time to just get to play and celebrate the girls turning four!

There will be a time when the girls want to have separate parties. A day will dawn they will have different friends. For this moment in time, I am thankful for a place like the Tulsa Children’s Museum.

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