Back-to-School Shopping List

The girls don't need much in the way of school supplies, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy back-to-school shopping!

This time next week my girls will be back in school. I believe every parent goes through these emotions when school starts: Fear, HOORAY, anxiety, JOY and hope. When entering a new school year my hope is that they continue to learn and create friendships. For the girls, they are focused on the fun of back-to-school shopping. Getting to pick out new school items is like Christmas in August. There are truly not many items needed for them to go back to school since they are just going to Pre-K. But I let the girls pick out the ones they are required to bring. This year they decided new clips and bows for their hair are a top priority. Cracks me up. But they go to a school where uniforms are required, so accessories are the way they can throw their fashion sense in.

We went to Lolly Garden, where they picked out bows, clips, shorts and socks. I do like the items they chose, but sometimes they like to wear the huge bows they picked out almost in front of one eye. So if they accidentally run into you, it will make more sense.

Back-to-school shoes is next item they need. We are still on the hunt for one more pair, since my kids often choose to jump in mud and puddles. Kicks for Kids and Nordstroms Rack won for the color choices offered. Usually, my kids like to pick a favorite color each month and wear it from head to toe. Blythe chose green and Reese chose a purple pair.

For school uniforms, we purchased from The Children’s Place and Primary. Last year these lasted the longest for us. The girls are super rough on their school clothes. Both places have a great prices and options.

Now if you know me or ever read my blog you know I actually love to Pin items on Pinterest. But there is no way I have the skills to create the items I pin. This year for our back-to-school photos, I was jazzed to find that Neu Creations has created these acrylic pencils. All you have to do is use a dry erase marker to put the school year or anything else you want to say on it. So expect to see this in our images for many years to come. They are offering a special now that you get a free marker with every order.

Lately transitions in the year are not so easy for me. I have the Mom guilt of wishing I had more time with them over the summer. Yet I know in reality we made lots of great memories.

Summer is special. But it is also a constant jigsaw puzzle for families. If you work, take care of a loved one, have multiple kids with certain schedules…no matter what your life holds, I know summer is not always a breeze when you’re dealing with kids. I would like to thank my family members who all helped out so much. From taking off of work, pushing back your to-do list and sacrificing for me to keep up with my work schedule. Thank you for the support. It is not unnoticed. And the fact that the girls where giddy to get to spend alone time with you all is priceless.

Now we will try to squeeze in a few more swims, snow cones, dance sessions and movies.

Happy new school year to all of your families. Sending good vibes.


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