Arctic Activities

I called my mom this morning (after seeing -11 on the tv) to ask her if I’ve ever been in colder weather. As suspected, this is the coldest it has ever been in my life. Yay.

Anyways, my friend Hannah (who has three boys) was fresh out of ideas for her snow bound brood. So she turned to an expert, her mother. I thought they were pretty creative and wanted to share…

8 Creative Snow Day Activities

1. Musical glasses

Fill glasses with different amounts of water and tap with a spoon. Make up simple tunes. Play songs you know.

2. Cooperative funny story

First person secretly writes a sentence that needs to be completed. Fold the paper over just to hide the sentence, and the next person adds a silly sentence ending, then folds paper so sentence doesn’t show, and so forth until everyone has composed a sentence. Then the story is read aloud using all the sentences in order.

3. Sort all the socks you can in Mum’s sock basket.

For every correct pair, Mom pays you 5 or 10 cents.

4. Tell Me a Story

Mum or Dad puts a bunch of different, unrelated objects in a paper bag or pillowcase. The first player picks one object from the bag and makes up a story sentence. Then the next player picks another object and makes up a sentence to continue the story, etc.

5. Treasure Hunt

Make up clues to find a candy or little object hidden in the house. When the first one is found there will be a clue for the second prize, etc.

6. Paper doll chains out of newspaper

7. Egg carton spiders

Cut individual egg cups from the carton. Turn over and color; draw eyes on one side. Push pipe cleaners into the side of the egg cup and bend like spiders legs. Thread a string through the top to hang it.

8. Morse code (Dad’s suggestion)

Download a copy of Morse Code. The boys can learn to tap out (soft for dot, louder tap for dash) or say the code (“dit” for dot and “dah” for dash) to spell simple words or messages (their names, SOS, etc). If they write down the dot/dash pattern as they hear it, they can compare it to the Morse Code Chart to decipher the word:)

Thank you Hannah and Hannah’s Mum!

P.S. Our mailman was just here…hardcore!

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