A Visit to the Thunderbird Berry Farm

Rows of blueberry bushes at Thunderbird Berry Farm

Now that school is out for the girls they have extra energy and the cure is finding new places to explore outside. Before I had kids (yes, that is right, it feels like 20 years ago!), I used to go to the Farmer’s Market all the time. Tulsa offers markets at various locations. We chose to go to the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market. It has grown so much. A break from all the rain made the morning feel more special. In order to get out of the door we literally just got the girls up and left. Our first stop was breakfast burritos from Elote. My husband and I were literally born with the most polar opposite taste buds, but there were perfect options for both of us. One sausage choice and the other was veggie.

Next stop coffee from Cherry Street Coffee House. Now that the essentials were taken care of, it was time to explore. Each booth was stunning. The lettuce was my personal favorite. When you go to most grocery stories I am always bothered by the lettuce options. I scooped up the largest amount I could carry. Then I realized the girls needed to eat. They chose a blueberry muffin from Cafe Cubana. One thing that is different than the past is going to the market with 2 two year olds. I did not have the option to go into each booth. More of a cruise by and I got to sneak into a few.  But each week we can discover something new.

My favorite treasure from the Farmer’s Market was the jalapeno cream cheese. I am craving it right now, but sadly ate all of it already. Adding it to my list for the market this week.

Thunderbird Berry Farm

Since it was a long weekend, we finally got to go to Thunderbird Berry Farm. Steve got to join us on this adventure. A group of friends met us and we were off to gather sweet berries. With this weather, it seems that we live in a mini Seattle lately. Even though we had to drive through a downpour, we pressed on. I called the farm and they confirmed they were open, then felt so silly when I hung up the phone. He is a farmer who works all year round no matter what the weather, so I pretty much just branded myself as that city girl even before my arrival. Per usual we were half prepared for the rain. Rain boots were in the car, but nothing else. But toddlers don’t care. So our fearless crew arrived and the girls instantly loved it. Puddles, a dog, buckets, rain and mud.. oh and berries. 🙂

The blueberry options were endless. Also it was packed. Clearly Tulsa families love this as a wonderful family adventure. After picking three buckets of berries we ran into one of the girls’ teachers and her daughter! They are Thunderbird pros. I had no idea the girls could play on a swing set there. So the morning just got better and better.

There are plenty of berries about to be ripe out there, so plan your adventure to Thunderbird today. Check their Facebook page for any questions you may have and to find out more about the Thunderbird Sharing Program. 

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