A New Season of Things to Do

A look at our spring bucket list.

When the seasons change, it brings new options to explore. The girls and I welcome the warm weather with open arms. This is truly our season. During the week we have added new locations to celebrate spring. Our favorite after-school activity is to go to The Pop House. The Pop House has the most delicious popsicles. After you eat you can run over to the playground area. The Pop House is located on a space that is called the Brookside Collective. They have events on this space almost every weekend. It is on our summer bucket list to go to one of their Friday night movies on the lawn.

Playing at the park is a request I hear daily. Our routine has been to just go to the parks directly by our house. This spring we have been to three parks that are new to the girls. Now they are ready to keep discovering new ones. Tulsa has some beautiful parks that all offer something different. Zink Park they have renamed as the magical forest park. It is always a joy to see how they view each new place they visit.

The Tulsa Botanic Garden is our top spring destination. There is so much space that their imaginations can create endless hours of pretend play. Bring a picnic, and you can have hours of enjoyment.

Exploring downtown can be done numerous times. So far we have explored the Deco District. Currently there is the most amazing stick installation on Centennial Green. Artist Patrick Dougherty created the most stunning outdoor art display. The stunning buildings and restaurants on this street will have your kids asking lots of interesting questions. Blythe loves the robot sign outside of Decopolis. Next week we are planning on exploring the Arts District.

When it comes to outdoor eating in the spring with kids, Dilly Diner is top of our list. They serve lunch and breakfast all day. For my particular eaters, this is life saver. The little houses on the patio will allow parents to enjoy a meal while their kids play! This place is just 5 stars all the way. I always have great service and food. And the girls always ask to go to the place with tiny homes.

During the week we explore so much, I often dial it back on the weekends. But now that the girls are 4 they would like to keep the adventures going 7 days a week. This Saturday we are going to Pups, Yups and Food Trucks at The Little Light House. The junior board for the Little Light House has created this first-time fundraiser. If you have a dog, you can bring it.  We do not have a dog, but the girls are dog obsessed. I am excited to support an awesome organization while we enjoy yummy food and get to play with dogs!

Here is our bucket list of places and events to explore this spring:

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