36 Weeks—Doing it right.

Months ago when I was pregnant, I was determined to figure out where I was “spiritually.” For 27 years I was perfectly fine going through life listening, thinking, evaluating, waiting for a sign, etc. But I felt that in order to guide this new life I was growing, I needed to be confident with what I believed (whatever that may be).

I know one day I’ll be driving down the road and he’ll ask “Mommy, what happens when people die?” And there I’ll be trying not to run off the road during this influential moment…what will I say? Almost a year later, and I still can’t answer that question.

With the recent controversy over the “Mosque at Ground Zero” it has become abundantly clear to me that too many people truly have no clue. They feel perfectly fine walking around spreading false information to anyone that will listen.

With these falsities flying around, I feel it would be irresponsible parenting to not give my child a strong foundation. I want him to be able to filter out the “crazies” without discounting other beliefs and cultures. I want him to know that it’s ok to ask questions, and that he doesn’t always have to agree with me.

I want to be able to answer all of his questions with some merit. Not just about religion, but also about space, bugs, tornadoes, the list goes on and on. I want to do it right.

Motherhood makes my head hurt.

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