30 Days of Gratitude – in One Day

I stayed up till 2:30 a.m. last night stressing about…everything, including whether or not it’s too late to take theatre or songwriting classes. So, basically a complete spiral that ended up in a strange dream of being on a space ship under attack and fearing that my celebrity crush was about to totally reject me for being a nobody. Priorities. So I thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and focus on the positive things in life. Specifically, I’m going to steal a 30 Days of Gratitude challenge from TulsaKids writer Alicia Kobilnyk. Originally, it came from hellamamathings.com/30-days-of-gratitude-challenge/

30 Days Of Gratitude

So, here we go! Do you do a daily gratitude challenge in November? I know some of my Facebook friends do, but haven’t attempted one in the past. Obviously, I’m starting off two weeks behind … but since I’m also planning to do all 30 days in one sitting, going to end up finishing early. Beating those deadlines! And somewhat missing the point, but it’s okay.

1. Something in the room

I’m grateful for my giant windows and unicorn decor. It makes coming into work so pleasant!

Img 2306 1

2. A person

Well, I’m grateful for Joss, of course! For his creativity and tendency to have big plans that may or may not be possible to carry out. I also love his generous spirit. Here he is with the Nyan Cat he made in Minecraft. He wanted me to take a picture of it to share with “the internet” so that other people could make one, too.

Img 1714 1

3. A song

I’m going to go more general here, and just say the 2022 Eurovision songs. Several of them have maintained their status as staples on my general playlist, so it was a fun way to learn about new music that I like listening to.

And then, along with so many others, I’ve been singing “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me,” on repeat, thanks to Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero. So catchy!

4. Your favorite season

Well, I’m not thrilled that winter is on the horizon. I do enjoy fall, with the pumpkins, Halloween celebrations, etc. But going to have to stick with summer as the ultimate favorite because … shorts! Going outside without having to bundle up! A slightly-cleaner living room without coats piled high on the coach.

5. A place that makes you happy

Took me a minute, but Philbrook Museum is going to take this one. It’s my favorite place to go in Tulsa, gives you that feeling of a European escape. Yes, please.

6. Something in nature

I walked around Woodward Park the other day, and that’s always a relaxing moment. Enhanced by the fact that it was for work, during the day while Joss was at school. I just got to wander among the big trees, rose garden, etc. Lovely.

Img 1674

7. 3 small things

Not sure if this is small-as-in-tiny, or more like everyday pleasures. I’m grateful for Taskmaster. For the pie shop down the street. And our neighbor’s Christmas lights.

8. Favorite food

Hmmmm tricky… I like the variety of seasonal drinks and treats around town. I don’t go there regularly, but I always like seeing the new ice cream flavors at Big Dipper Creamery and Rose Rock Microcreamery. And researching fall and winter drink menus at local coffee shops. Even if I don’t get to try them all, it’s nice knowing that there are some really creative flavor combos I could try.

9. A TV show or movie

Oh, I already said Taskmaster! But that is really my ultimate favorite. Adds so much joy to life. Also watched the second Enola Holmes last night, which did not disappoint. And then my other favorite TV show ever is Miranda, also highly recommended.

10. A memory

Family holiday gatherings growing up. As I got older, they could be overwhelming, but definitely an important part of childhood. That and swimming at my grandma and grandpa’s pool. Grateful to have gotten the chance to visit London and Holland with Nana, and Italy with my mom.

11. A smell

The “ghoulish gourd”-scented candles a coworker got me for my birthday. I have one on my desk and pick it up and smell it regularly. It’s all cinnamony and strong, but not toooo strong. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be at my desk sniffing my favorite candle.

12. 3 big things

The city of London. Libraries. Facetime. Not really a big thing, but…kind of a big deal?

13. Something you use daily

Splurged slightly a few months ago and bought some Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow at Ulta. I’ve been using that daily, and it’s been nice to have a higher-tier makeup on-hand!

14. An opportunity

I’m grateful that I had the chance to judge Dancing with the Tulsa Stars. I was so nervous! But it was such a fun event to be part of, with good food and great dancing, for a wonderful cause. I’m glad I got out of my comfort zone and said yes.

Img 1758

Ack, I don’t remember the caricature artist’s name, but she was great! Based in OKC

15. Something you didn’t have last year

Hmmm hmmm hmmm. The thing that jumps to mind is that I’m grateful for Goodwill and being able to find nice clothes that I wouldn’t have paid for elsewhere. It lets me get a little more excited about my wardrobe and shopping, and to update things more regularly. If it weren’t for Goodwill, I would hate clothes shopping and would probably just….not. Also grateful for Thredup because I just bought a red dress with the most amazing sleeves! Have wanted a red dress for years just because. So that’s pretty superficial, but there you have it.

Img 2014

Extra sleeves? Yes, please!

16. Something that makes you laugh

Well, I can’t just keep saying Taskmaster for everything. But that is the thing that makes me laugh out loud the most. Also love James Acaster’s Repertoire show on Netflix. Have already watched it twice, but it would definitely stand up to a third (fourth, fifth, etc.) viewing. And Joss’s random dancing, always a good time.

17. A sound

Ha, the hot water kettle letting me know the water is heated and fresh coffee is only four minutes away!

18. Something about your body

Oh, I’ve been loving my hair lately! It’s the longest it’s been in years, and one of my current great joys is getting it as ridiculously voluminous as possible.

19. A book

So many books. I’m going to go with a couple of Joss’s books that I’ve been so impressed by though. May give them their own post someday. The Animated Periodic Table and Animated Science: Rocks and Minerals, with illustrations by Shiho Pate. These books have taught me so much about rocks, minerals and elements! In a really engaging way. I wish I’d picked up something along their lines back in the day. They’re so cute and packed with info. And they’ve really sparked Joss’s interest.

20. A hobby

So grateful for songwriting and my ukulele, and also for watercolors. Both key to self-care.

21. Something about your job

Flexibility. I don’t know how else I would get Joss home from school at 2:35 every day. And I do always enjoy my quiet couple of hours in the morning before anyone else gets here.

22. A technology

Texting. A quick and easy way to check in with people, send random memes, etc.

23. Something about where you live

I love living in Tulsa. It’s a beautiful city, there’s always something to do, friends here.

24. A future event

Going to a concert later this month that I’m probably building up in my head more than I should be.

25. Something from quarantine

More painting, more face-painting, lots of creative memories with Joss. Including Noel Fielding’s Saturday Morning art thing he did for awhile. Shaving my hair for the first (and only) time ever. (This list was composed in 2020, so this prompt is a bit dated, but still interesting to look back on!)

26. A moment from today

Snuggles with Joss in the morning.

27. A personality trait of yours

Learned a little more about the Enneagram in the past year (or past two years? Who even knows?). I like knowing that I’m an Enneagram 9, and how it helps me understand myself a little better. Not all of that being positive, but overall, it’s comforting.

28. A game

Joss and I played Wizard Kittens yesterday, that’s a fun game. You cast spells to defeat curses, each game is different. I’d have to say my all-time favorite game is still Scattergories because I’m good at it 🙂 And in the past year, I’ve hosted two Taskmaster Board Game get-togethers, and that was a lot of fun to play with friends.

29. A past event

Grateful we had the chance to go to Silver Dollar City with family recently. And earlier this year, getting to go to see The Darkness in Dallas was a real highlight!

30. An experience from this year

Well, I’ve just mentioned two! Other highlights from the past year: Seeing Joss’s Cheshire Cat photo up at Philbrook Museum, his birthday party, ooh, camping at Robbers Cave. Wordle. (Yes, I just cheated and went through all my blog posts because those are probably the biggest experiences of the past year anyway!)

Whew! Did it! Not sure that was enough to cure the slight holiday blues, but it is always nice to look back and reflect on the good things in life. Feel free to share your own answers for any of these topics in the comments!

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