Your Favorite Librarians Loved These Books in 2022

As we walk gently away from 2022 into 2023, it’s time for your favorite children’s librarians to reflect on the books they loved this year. Here are the year’s top choices from Tulsa City-County Library Youth Librarians Joy Carr, Melody Palmer, Sarah Davis and Julia Cantrell.

Joy Carr, youth librarian at Schusterman-Benson Library


Joy Carr in a Halloween social media post, showing why kids love her. (Taters, anyone?)

Joy Carr, youth librarian at the Schusterman-Benson Library, recommends these 2022 reads:

Viking in Love by Doug Cenko


The kitten-loving Stig is as tough as any other Viking guy; he just happens to hate the sea. Unfortunately, the girl he loves is sea-crazy. Can Stig overcome his fears to woo the Viking Ingrid? Grownups will enjoy this hilarious picture book as much as the kids! [Picture book]

Punk Rock Poodle by Laura Dockrill


One little poodle stomps, and stamps and cries, “Oi, Oi, Oi!” The punk rock attitude lasts just until naptime, when the poodle kindly wants a cuddle. Filled with British slang and rhythmic text that makes it read like an actual punk song. (We won’t fault you for getting out your old “London Calling” albums after reading this.) [Picture book]

Beatrice Likes the Dark by April Genevieve Tucholke


Not everyone loves sunshine and rainbows – some prefer nighttime picnics and a sky full of stars. With absolutely magical illustrations, this book shows kids that it’s okay to be unique. [Picture book]

Melody Palmer, youth librarian at South Broken Arrow Library


Cosplay, anyone? Melody Palmer dresses up in a variety of costumes to connect kids to books.

Melody Palmer, youth librarian at the South Broken Arrow Library, says these books knocked her socks off in 2022:

Creepy Crayon by Aaron Reynolds


This scary-not-scary book, when read just right, can keep a group of squiggly 4-year-olds captivated. [Picture book]

Song in the City by Daniel Bernstrom


This beautifully captures how a young blind girl experiences the world through sound. [Picture book]

Do Baby Elephants Suck Their Trunks? by Bill Lerwill


How are baby elephants and baby humans the same? How are they different? This delightful book explores baby animals and what makes them unique. [Juvenile nonfiction]

How to Say Hello to a Worm: A First Guide to Outside by Kari Percival


Well, how DO you say hello to a worm? Very gently. This is a very simple guide to not only outside, but growing your own food, which is fascinating to watch, no matter how old you are! [Juvenile nonfiction]

Sarah Davis, youth librarian at Herman and Kate Kaiser Library


Sarah Davis gets “framed” at a Children’s Day Book Party earlier this year.

Sarah Davis, youth librarian at the Herman and Kate Kaiser Library, fell in love with these 2022 charmers:

Frances in the Country written by Liz Garton Scanlon and illustrated by Sean Qualls


Cows! And quiet. Frances escapes the city to visit her cousins and discovers adventure and fun. Charming illustrations by perennial favorite Sean Qualls. [Picture book] 

The Tide Pool Waits written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Amy Hevron

Tide Pool

A lyrical look at one of nature’s great beauties: the Pacific Ocean and the tide pools that develop there. Like the tide itself, this book ebbs and flows and is a perfect bedtime story to lull your child to sleep while teaching them about the ocean and its many mysteries. [Juvenile nonfiction]

Frizzy by Claribel Ortega


Even if you’re not of the “curly-haired” cohort, this lively story of a girl growing to love her hair – and make it look amazing – will have you cheering. Growing up is hard; doing your hair shouldn’t be! [Graphic novel for children]

Julia Cantrell, youth librarian at Peggy Helmerich Library


Julia Cantrell shows off her storytime in action. Open, shut them!

Julia Cantrell, youth librarian at the Peggy Helmerich Library, says get ready to rock and read with these eclectic picks from 2022:

I’m Amazing and Let Your Light Shine by Keb’ Mo’, cowritten by Robbie Brooks Moore and Jenny Yates, respectively; illustrated by Chris Saunders


I grew up listening to Keb’ Mo’ and was thrilled to see this artist being introduced to a new generation. The books have simple and sweet messages that accompany stunning, vibrant, cheery illustrations. Sweet, joyful and beautiful. [Board books]

Pizza: A Slice of History by Greg Pizzoli


Who doesn’t love PIZZA? Learn about the history of your favorite food and enjoy the distinctive illustrative style of Pizzoli. Side effects include wanting to order pizza and reading more Greg Pizzoli books! [Juvenile nonfiction]

Isla to Island by Alexis Castellanos


A beautiful wordless story about feeling displaced and finding happiness in the beauty around you. [Graphic novel for children]

Sir Ladybug by Corey R. Tabor


A solid, new graphic novel series with fun adventure, humor and a little bit of philosophy. It also has one of the best ending lines I’ve read all year: “There’s always cake when you know how to bake!” [Graphic novel for children]

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