Wheels and Thrills Birthday Parties: Low-Stress and Tons of Fun!

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Wheels and Thrills Family Entertainment Center in Owasso is a birthday party venue that truly does it all! They provide entertainment, concessions, fun party package add-ons, and even a Party Pal to help with day-of party logistics, games, clean-up and more. All parents need to do is provide a cake and guests! It’s a win-win: Kids will love skating, laser tag, etc., while parents will love knowing that everything is taken care of. Learn more at Wheels and Thrills birthday parties at wheelsandthrills.com/birthday-parties/ and in TulsaKids’ Party Planner.

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1. What’s the history behind Wheels and Thrills, and what sets it apart from other entertainment venues?

Owners Robert and Tammy Johnson met while working together at a skating rink in the 1980s and had a dream of owning their own rink one day. Wheels and Thrills offers skating, a Playzone for anyone under 56 inches tall, laser tag, and arcade games. Our goal is to assist our guests to make precious memories with family and friends and promote good clean family fun for all ages!

2. What do some of your custom birthday packages look like?

Birthday parties during our public sessions range from a single attraction Fun Party for up to 10 participants for $220, to our Extreme Unlimited Package, which includes unlimited activities for 30 participants for $920. We have many options to allow you to customize your event to suit your needs and tastes.

Find additional details at wheelsandthrills.com/birthday-parties.

3. What is the difference between a Public Party and a VIP or Private Party?

Public parties are held during our normal operating hours and can be held at one of our Fun Party tables or in one of our private VIP rooms. Private parties can be booked at your convenience outside of our normal hours of operation.

4. Is there a limit to the number of party guests?

Our parties include a minimum of ten participating guests and two party hosts. Participating guests are the ones doing the activities pertaining to the party package, and each participating guest will receive two slices of pizza, a drink, and a five-dollar game card. Additional guests can be added for an additional fee. The cost per additional guest depends on the package that was booked. Guests over the age of 18 who want to celebrate but not  to participate in the activities are welcome to come in at no charge.

5. In addition to the basic Party Packages, what add-ons can party hosts choose?

We offer a wide variety of add ons to customize your event, from Dippin’ Dots, to goodie bags, to glow parties, to balloon drops, to character visits. Party hosts can also choose to add additional pizzas, platters, or other food items from our Food Factory! The sky’s the limit!

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6. Your Party Planner description says Wheels and Thrills has three attractions to choose from: Skating, Playzone and Laser Tag. Does this mean you’ll choose a particular attraction to enjoy at the party, or just that guests can choose from all three once at the party?

The party host may select one, two, or three activities for their guests. If laser tag is selected, it will be a single game of laser tag that is played together as a group. Alternatively, the party host may choose unlimited attractions, which would include unlimited games of laser tag as well as skating and Playzone.

7. Can you choose different themes? What are some popular themes?

Our Adventure and Glow parties include themed paper products and party favors. Adventure parties include a spotlight moment with one of our characters and a 30-minute private visit with that character in the VIP room. Princess and Superhero parties are very popular, but we offer a variety of character choices to suit your interests. Glow parties include glow in the dark plates, cups, utensils, and party favors.

8. It sounds like Wheels and Thrills really is a hassle-free option. What do parents need to bring to a party?

Bring your smile and your cake, cupcakes or cookies to help you celebrate, and we will take care of the rest! You may also bring your own table decorations or themed paper products if you wish, but that is not required.

9. What are some games the Party Pal might play with the guests?

Party Pals serve pizza, drinks and cake, play guessing games or trivia-style games with the kids, and generally keep the guests entertained.

10. About how far in advance does someone generally need to reserve their party at Wheels and Thrills? Is a deposit required?

We suggest that you reserve your party at least a week or two in advance just to ensure the best availability. A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking for parties during our public sessions and $200 for private parties.

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