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Wheels and Thrills

10637 N. Garnett, Owasso, OK


We’re your one-stop shop for hassle-free birthday parties. We’ve got it all!


Our party packages include food, drinks, and fun all rolled into one! We’ll make the birthday boy or girl feel like this day was created just for them! With many custom birthday packages to choose from, you’ll be the hero as we help you host the perfect party for the big day. We have 3 attractions to choose from: Skating, Playzone, and Laser Tag!


What’s our secret to the perfect party? Your Party Pal!


Your Party Pal will set up your party supplies and paper products which are included with your package. When it’s time to gather for your celebration, your Party Pal will greet your guests and escort you to your party destination and serve your pizza and drinks.


When it’s time, your Party Pal will take a group photo, cut and serve your cake, and lead your guests in the “Happy Birthday Song.” Your Party Pal will then assist the birthday child in opening gifts and record the gifts on the gift register to assist you when filling out Thank You cards.


They will play fun games with your guests and once the party has been dismissed your Party Pal will take care of all the clean-up.


Please visit our website, www.wheelsandthrills.com for complete package details or contact tammy@wheelsandthrills.com.