What you should really get your friend at her baby shower.

So, I hope I don’t sound condescending when I say that most new mom registries are full of fluff. I did it, too. 75% of the items on the registries will not be used. Diaper genies? Don’t need them. Baby shoes? Puhlease. Whirlpool baby tubs? Are you serious.

What you really need is to load up on diapers and wipes, but what fun is that? You’re not going to get any “oohs” and “aahs” over a box of Pampers. So, here are a few things that may be a little trendy, but I believe to be functional and fun for both the giver and receiver. Plus, they’re priced right.

Neither of my children have been very interested in pacifiers for the longterm, but in the beginning they were an excellent way for me to buy some time in between feedings. But it’s SO FRUSTRATING when your baby isn’t old or strong enough to keep it in their mouths or find it once it has fallen out. That’s what’s great about the WubbaNub. It gives it more substance so you can prop it up to keep it in place better. Plus, they’re way easier to find. I got mine at Peek a Boo in Tulsa. They’re kind of pricey for pacifiers (like $16), so it’s a nice add on to a shower gift, plus looks pretty on top of a wrapped present.
Look, I would never suggest getting an expectant mother another  blanket, but these are the bomb! Especially if they’re having a spring or summer baby. The blankets are so soft and light. Perfect swaddling blankets! I bought some at Ribbons on Brookside.
Your gift recipient may look at you weird, but after they’ve used it following a vaginal birth, they’ll put you in their will. While you’re at it throw in some pads and a note that says to make sure and take the little squirt bottle home from the hospital. This will probably spark all sorts of interesting convos amongst the crowd. I’m not sure where you can buy this in Tulsa, but you can order it on their website.
I usually stay pretty close to a friend’s registry, but I’d go rogue on this one if it weren’t already on there. For some reason I didn’t get a doorway jumper for my firstborn, but this has been worth every penny. We started putting my daughter in here at about 4 months and she’s still jumping away at almost 9 months. Come to think of it, I’d better check on the maximum weight limit. I got ours at Buy Buy Baby.
My last suggestion to you is the cutest. Baby Legs are not only the cuuuttest things ever, they’re super functional. I’m always worried if my baby is too hot or cold, so having these around help you keep them the perfect temp. PLUS, wait for it…wait for it…you don’t have to take them off to change a diaper. Bingo! I also ordered these from their website. They’re kind of addicting.
What are some of your favorite gifts to give and receive?
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