Things I Don’t Want to Forget

This morning, I read this wonderful blog post by Allison Tate from the Huffington Post. I got very teary and it reminded me how quickly it all goes by. My little guy will be three soon, and somehow my newborn is almost 5 months old. When everything changes so quickly, I want to make sure and remember what is happening right now.

Like how my son, no matter if it’s a flu shot or a bonk on the head, truly thinks my kisses can heal. “Mommy kiss it,” he’ll say. Then, “I’m better! Tank you, mommy.” Oh it makes me melt.

Or how he refers to every child he meets, no matter if it’s his cousin or a complete stranger, as his friend. “Mommy, there’s my friend,” he says while running to play with him/her. I love it, but it also makes me sad to know that inevitably someday someone is going to say “I’m not your friend.”

I love that about once a week he picks out a new favorite toy. This toy will go with us in the car, in the tubby, sit by his dinner plate and stay clenched in his tiny fist when he goes to sleep. In the morning as soon as he opens his eyes he scrambles to find it.

I love that after he climbs up a toy at the park or into his car seat by himself, he’ll boast “I did it!”

I love that he makes a loud “MMMMWAAH!” sound when he gives me a kiss, then immediately wipes it off (or rubs it in, as I like to think of it).

I love that he turns into whatever shirt he’s wearing. If it’s a spider man shirt, he is spider man. Or that when he puts on his shoes, he thinks that he’s just a little bit faster than without them. Which he’ll prove by doing a quick sprint to the door.

I love that when I’m changing his diaper and saying “Oh, buddy, this is stinky one,” he then will apologize for it.

I love that if his sister is crying in the backseat he’ll try to first console her by singing “Old MacDonald,” but then just tells her to be quiet if it doesn’t work.

He fills my heart and makes me smile so much. I’ve made it a point to look him in the eye every single day and tell him that he makes me happy and how proud I am to be his mom. So, I hope that when he looks back to his childhood he’ll remember hearing that every day and that it will make him smile.


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