“The Secret Agency” and Other Weekend Adventures

Last weekend was busy, busy, busy! Although packed with fun, I was glad to put it behind us. Here are some of the fun things we did, in case you want to try any for yourself!

Friday afternoon

Big Dipper Creamery on Brookside

Friday after school, I took Joss to the new Big Dipper Creamery location on Brookside. I’ve been very much anticipating their opening. We love their Mother Road Market location, but I know they offer some things at their Sand Springs location that you can’t get there. So now, I expect all my stifled cravings to be satisfied, ha.

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Case in point, Joss chose a bubble waffle cone. It was delicious! They were nice and gave him two half-scoops, so he could try two flavors without going completely overboard on the sugar.

Eventually, they plan to offer boozy ice cream and adult beverages, but that is still in the works.

Golden Driller

After ice cream, we swung by Expo Square to see the Golden Driller in his French Artist getup. This is, of course, in celebration of Philbrook’s new Rembrandt to Monet exhibition. But if you want to see it, too, don’t wait. The Driller will go back to his usual self after a couple weeks.

Img 6270

Saturday afternoon

The Secret Agency

Saturday, Joss and I went to a free hip hop songwriting workshop. It was held at the Tulsa PAC and led by The Secret Agency, who were in town for the PAC’s Imagination Series. We hadn’t attended an Imagination Series show since Diary of a Worm in 2018. Although all the shows are intended for a young audience, Joss ended the evening in tears, as he was over-tired. (He loved the show, he just miscommunicated with the Spider about what kind of faces they should make for the photo-op.)

program for the secret agency at the tulsa pac

But I digress. The songwriting workshop was fantastic. Grammy winning artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo himself led it. The very first thing he did was to have all the attendees write down one word on a piece of paper. Then, he went around the room incorporating everyone’s words into a rap! I know he has years and years of experience, but still, it was impressive.

joss at the secret agency songwriting workshop

I’d signed Joss up thinking he would do the workshop while I took notes on the sidelines. However, all the parents were encouraged to participate as well. So it was a really great family event.

The majority of the workshop was spend writing down four random words, thinking of three rhymes for each of those words, and then writing a rap incorporating all the words and their rhymes. Everyone then had the opportunity to get up in front of the room and rap on the microphone to a provided beat. THEN everyone who wanted was invited to get on stage at the end of the show and do it again in front of a larger audience. It was a very good reminder about how creative kids can be. Some of their rhymes were completely amazing!

Img 6301

The Secret Agency show itself was great, as well. Everyone was invited to get up out of their seats and dance throughout the show. They even had one song where the bboys taught the audience some key dance moves. Joss found them very inspiring and did a lot of headstands and flips.

The next Imagination Series show is “Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella Story” on March 10. Get tickets at secure.tulsapac.com/3194

Sunday afternoon

Veterans Park in Jenks

I was reluctant to do anything on Sunday. But Joss’s Cub Scout troop was having a fishing day down at Veterans Park in Jenks. Since his Grandpa Jim got him a fishing rod when we went to Meadow Lake Ranch, and we hadn’t used it since, I felt like we should go.

Img 6327

I’d never been to Veterans Park, but it’s fantastic. Joss caught three fish, and the rest of the Scouts all caught fish as well. Besides the fishing pond, there are multiple play areas. This includes a fenced-in playground for younger kids. There’s also a skate park and splash pad with plenty of covered seating. Check it out sometime!

Img 6334

Img 6331

Before heading home, we stopped by Cookies, Cakes and Jews to get some treats, and then River City Trading Post. I just can’t resist a giant antique mall.

Finally, we got home and got dinner. After that weekend, I was so grateful to have two extra days to sleep in!!!

Sotw The Secret Agency Pin

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