A New Place to Recharge:

Poppi's spa in downtown Tulsa

I am always on the lookout for places to recharge. In my life, I have to plan ways to relax, and there are two things that always help me unwind: traveling and the spa. This past week I discovered one sweet treat. Poppi’s is a brand-new spa located in downtown Tulsa. I have driven by this space for months and wondered what was happening. Well, let me tell you, there is no way I would have predicted all of the things Poppi’s offers.

Poppi’s is like nothing I have ever experienced before. The entire concept behind Poppi’s is that it is a life lounge where you can find relief from life, stress and health-related issues. The concept is one of providing a place to fill up your love cup. Poppi’s did just that for me. Plus, I truly want to move in.

Last Friday night I enjoyed an evening with a few people at Poppi’s, which is located across from the Boxyard. As soon as I arrived, I noticed how quiet the space was, even with tons of Driller’s fans outside. The design of this space is just stunning. Poppi’s is located in a 100-year-old building that has been redesigned.

Color Therapy Pod

For my evening, I chose to purchase a lounge pass and get a massage. The Lounge pass includes infrared sauna, salt room and color therapy pod.

Salt Wall

To start my experience, I was provided a change of clothes to wear in the lounge, although you can wear your own clothes. There are also some delicious food and drink items you can purchase for an additional fee. I chose a matcha drink while I caught up with friends. The space is just so peaceful. Coloring books are there and you also bring a book to read in this area.

Matcha Tea

Choosing to do something like this on a Friday night is not normal for me, but I was grateful I did. I felt relaxed instantly, and the peacefulness of the space filled my heart.  I chose to try to salt room, which was a brand-new experience for me. The benefits of salt therapy include help with sleep issues, anxiety, allergies and asthma. Many of these things I experience. When you enter the room you can choose to sit on a pillow or just lay in the salt. I loved the textures of the salt. The glow from the salt wall set a neat vibe. I spent so much time in here I was only able to go into the sauna for a moment before getting my massage.

The best part about the lounge is your pass is for the entire day, so I knew I could enjoy the lounge options after my massage. Also, there is no pressure if you purchase a lounge pass that you need to get a facial or massage.

The owner of Poppi’s is one amazing gem. She is welcoming, inclusive and a pure genius for creating this space. Once you meet her, you will feel at ease. I just met her on Friday and talked to her for hours. This space is a sneak peek into her soul. She is passionate about providing relaxation, health benefits and a kind space for everyone to enjoy.

Poppi’s’ owner, TJ

I know that in 2019 I have not had the chance to get a massage; it has been over a year since I got a massage. Before I had kids, I would get messages once a month. They helped me with stress and relaxation. I am shocked I finally committed to getting a massage. I booked my services online at https://tulsapoppi.com.

Everyone has a certain preference when it comes to massages. I chose a swedish massage. When I entered the massage room, I instantly noticed an Emily Webb painting. This girl is making Tulsa a brighter place. She is the one who told me about this space. I am forever grateful this friend has entered my life.

My massage therapist was named Joseph. I would like to tell you: He is a kind person. Beyond being kind, he provided me the best massage of my life. Hands down, there is no comparison. Joseph spoke with me before he got started. We came to the conclusion that I wanted some stretching incorporated into my massage. Joseph has been a massage therapist for over 10 years. To remain the best at his craft, he takes extra classes often. He is even a public speaker. Since I left on Friday, I cannot stop talking about him and this place. So much that I know 3 friends are going to see him this weekend.

After my massage, I went to the lounge. It was the biggest treat to have an evening like this. I spent 4 hours at Poppi’s. Yet it felt like I was only there an hour. I highly recommend this place if you need to recharge, date night, girls night, corporate function or treat a client. There is no doubt many loved ones will be getting a Poppi’s gift card from me. Let me join you if you need a buddy to go hang out at the lounge. Bravo to you, TJ. This space is pure magic.



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