Medical Mis-Communication

Well, things aren’t going quite like I thought they would. But, having a child with special issues you would think that I would have learned my lesson by now.

There has been some “miscommunication” between the scheduler at the Shriners Hospital and me. I thought we had a surgery date set based on what the scheduler told me. However, I learned Thursday that that was not the case.

It really makes me wonder how often miscommunication happens between people needing medical care and the medical professionals who serve them. We’ve all heard the horror stories about people going into surgery to have their left arm amputated only to wake up in recovery with their right arm missing. But, how often does the middle man make a mistake?

And, one of the worst parts is, the scheduler never admitted wrongdoing. We have been mentally and emotionally preparing Lily and ourselves for this surgery for the past several months. And now we have no idea when the surgery will be scheduled.

Soon, we are taking our second trip to St. Louis. We will meet Lily’s new doctor and start over. I feel so blessed that we have hope for healing Lily’s neck that it is impossible for me to hold a grudge over the miscommunication issue. I will just be smarter about it next time and talk to the middle man’s manager.

Our newest guest blogger, Cindy, wrote an article in our October issue about her daughter’s victories and struggles with Torticollis. Come back and read more from Cindy in the next two weeks…

Cindy’s Bio: I am a wife, mother, writer, photographer, part-time instructor and graduate student. When I have free time, I like to play “Annie” with Lily or cook delicious, you-never-miss-the-wheat, gluten-free meals. I also like to sing and tinker with my acoustic guitar.

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