Making New Friends

How many years has it been since you had to make some new friends? If you’re a little rusty in the friendship-making department, here are a few tips to consider before you go off to college.

Most students are eager to make friends.

Unless you take an entourage from your high school with you, most college students are ready to meet new people. This makes things a little easier. Think about the friends you have now, and what qualities you like about them. You’ll be attracted to similar people in college.

Slow is best.

Give yourself time to cultivate friendships. You’ll be exposed to many different people and social situations. You don’t have to find your best friends on the first day. In fact, the best friendships grow over time, so let this happen naturally.

Choose clubs and organizations that interest you.

Be open, but don’t over-extend yourself. You don’t have to be involved in everything, and you don’t have to accept every invitation. You may want to try something new, or stick to the old familiar, but do find balance between social activities, classes and studying.

Don’t forgo friendships for romance.

Love at first sight can be great, but don’t let it get in the way of establishing lasting friendships. You may need them if the romance breaks up.

Be respectful of your roommate.

Your roommate doesn’t have to be your best friend, but you still have to live together. Be accepting and figure out ways to get along right from the beginning.

Don’t feel a need to be attached to one person.

If you find a friend right away, that’s terrific, but don’t be attached at the hip. Be open to others. Sometimes a quick friendship, like a quick romance, can fizzle over time.

Smile and ask questions.

Think about what attracts you to other people. Do they smile and look welcoming? As you meet people, remember that everyone loves to talk about himself or herself. Have some questions ready to ask potential friends.

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