How I’m Beating the Heat with a Toddler and Infant

It’s not good when you refer to 100 degrees as a cool day. Not good at all.

By 10 a.m. it’s already too hot for my 2-month-old to be outside. This can cause for alot of cabin fever from my 2-year-old. I’ll remember the Summer of 2012 as the one that I had an epic battle with Dora and Diego. I try to keep the tv turned off, but it’s just so hard while I’m nursing or trying to get the baby down for a nap. Which at this point it seems like that’s all I’m ever doing. My son isn’t the entertain himself type of kid. He needs me in there playing cars or reading books with him.

So, to avoid too much screen time, and me feeling guilty all day….


At the Zoo: This is pretty easy for us. I think the longest my 2-year-old has slept in ever was 8 a.m., and that happened so long ago that I think we may have made it up along the way. You can pretty much bet he’s going to be up and ready to get going by 6:30. Luckily, the Tulsa Zoo has accomodated us and opens at 7 a.m. (until September 3rd). I’m always shocked at how many families are up with us. Quite a few moms are out there with their tennis shoes and strollers getting some exercise, too. So, we hang out there until about 9:00 because it’s just too darn hot for the baby in her car seat or sling. But then, it’s only 9 a.m., way too early to just go home.

At the Splash Parks: The splash park at 41st and Riverside is nicely shaded and cool if you get there early enough. Plus, the big kids kind of take over after 10 a.m. I’m wanting to check out the new splash park at Whiteside soon and I’ll let you know.


Barnes and Noble They have a Starbucks! I long for the days when I can get my caffeine in again, but for now I settle on a delicious smoothie. Then we head to the kids’ area in the back. My son plays with the train set and the baby and I have a snack.

Library Storytimes Most of the time the storytimes are around 10:30 or 11 a.m., which is perfect. You can find a list here. Even if they don’t have a storytime that fits your schedule, it’s still fun to just go. I drove out to the the Hardesty Library for the first time last week and it’s awesome for little ones.

The Aquarium We are pretty much aquarium groupies at this point. Seriously, we go at least twice a week. What’s key here is getting a family pass, otherwise it would be too expensive. I’ve found that buying the season passes in general are the way to go. You also don’t feel like you have to stay to get your money’s worth. If your kids are bored after half an hour, just load back up, no problem.

The Mall We’ve been hitting up the little playground at the Promenade lately. Just a tip, do not go there without change for the rides or horse carousel.

There’s probably nothing new to you in here, but these are my spots lately. One more thing that is helping me is my automatic car starter. My husband got it installed into my car for around $100 at Best Buy and it is a life-saver. My car doesn’t have back vents, so I worry that the baby is getting way too hot in the back seat. With my car starter, I’m able to cool it down before we get in.

How are you beating the heat?

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