Grumpy’s Garden Isn’t So Grumpy

grumpy's garden sign

Welcome to Grumpy’s Garden!

Sometimes I get tired of going to the park. It seems like we get into a little bit of a park rut. So, I’ve been trying to do things that will be entertaining for the kids and me. And I really just need to get out more, in general. I go to the same places over and over, when there’s so much to be seen in our area.

Separately, I’m looking for a chiminea. There’s nothing like throwing some pinonwood in a chiminea on a nice spring Sunday, while the kids play in the backyard and I may or may not have a nice glass of vino (or two).

So, I pass by Grumpy’s Garden on my way to work everyday and decided we’d finally check it out. And turns out, it’s kind of magical.

First of all, I’m a sucker for small, local places and this is definitely one of those.

They have your typical garden faire and tons of chimineas and pinionwood (you can probably smell it just from driving by) but towards the back there’s a little antique garden area that we decided is actually a fairy garden. And inside is a cool gift shop with unique gifts, and incense galore!

Here’s the deal with my love for incense. Sometimes being a mom isn’t the coolest thing. I mean, it’s wonderful and I don’t want to sound unappreciative for my two healthy, beautiful children, but let’s be real – between the dogs and my kids, my whole day can be spent cleaning up someone else’s feces (aka: NOT COOL).

But I can turn on some Neil Young, light some incense and immediately I start feeling a little cooler.

And that kind of sums up my experience with Grumpy’s Garden – it’s a cool mom spot. You should check it out! Here are their hours (he he, see cool):

Address: 1140 E 15th St

Also, here’s their Facebook page.

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