Get Free Online Homework HelpNow from Tulsa-City County Libraries

School has begun, and in between getting children to school, extracurricular activities and preparing dinner, where do parents find the time to help children with homework? Tulsa City-County Library to the rescue!

What if your student had a tutor available every day from 2 to 11 p.m.? How about help with geometry or someone to edit his essay? Whether your student is learning math basics or preparing for her AP Chemistry test, a little help can make a huge difference.

That’s just what the Tulsa City-County Library offers through Homework HelpNow!, an online homework help available through the library’s website. Students can find tutorials, study aids and live tutoring. All tutors are screened and most have advanced degrees in their subject matter. Tutoring is also available in Spanish. All you need is online access and a free Tulsa City-County Library card.

In addition to tutors, Homework HelpNow! offers skill-building lessons and practice tests in all subjects for students in kindergartn through college. The service also includes PSAT, ACT and SAT prep guides and sample tests. Students can use ready-made flash cards or build their own.  An option that is especially popular with younger students is playing games such as hangman, crosswords and matching.

If you find your knowledge is a little rusty on polynomials or it’s been a long time since you solved for x and y, this service may be your new friend. Or perhaps your middle school student might respond better to another adult than to a family member.  Students can use live chat to explain their assignments and then be walked through the answer. They can ask questions and take their time working through the solution.

One of the most popular features of Homework HelpNow! is the ability to upload an essay or research paper to the online writing center to be reviewed by an expert. With a 24-hour turnaround, students can receive assistance before submitting their work for a grade. The site doesn’t do students’ work, but helps them do their own work. Students benefit from having the opportunity to make corrections rather than seeing their errors after the paper is returned with a grade. The service is also available as an app for wider availability.

Other services include prep for the GED and  Citizenship tests, vocabulary flash cards in over 20 languages, and help with PowerPoint and Excel. This service is also available for résumé and cover letter help for all ages.

A local high school principal promotes the library’s service to his students. It helps those who are struggling to pass, as well as those who are doing fairly well but want to push for the top grade.  One of his pre-calculus students had a B- before using Homework Help Now! After using the live tutor, she raised her grade to an A. He also reported student success with the feature of having papers critiqued by a tutor before turning them in. It gives students the opportunity to have one-on-one feedback on their work.

Access Homework HelpNow! from the library’s website You can set up your free account in a few simple steps. The account then lets you track your progress. If you do not have a library card, you can apply for a card online and start doing your homework .

A word of advice: try to get started before it’s crunch time for an assignment. You may want to explore the site to see all that is available and how it is arranged. Following links kept leading me to “ah ha!” moments about what is available that I might not have found upon my first visit. By taking time to sign up and look around a bit, students will find helpful study aids and a homework NOW – right when they need it. Log on now, your tutor is waiting!

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