Happy “Eat an Iced Cookie Day”?

Why not? Celebrate weird holidays this summer (even ones you make up) with books!

I love a good iced cookie, especially one from my favorite bakery, Merritt’s. (This is not an advertisement, just an appreciation!) It helps that, for over a decade, Merritt’s has generously offered free iced cookies in coupon books that children have earned by reading books in the Tulsa City-County Library’s (TCCL) Summer Reading Program.

(P.S. There’s a Summer Reading Program for every age – starting June 1. Sign up at any of our 24 library locations or the bookmobile. And, yes, there’s a Merritt’s coupon in each of the coupon books for Littles, Children’s, Teens AND Adults, plus a whole lot more cool freebies like entrance to the Tulsa State Fair and rides on Tulsa Transit.)

In fact, I love iced cookies so much, I’ve decided to declare July 6 as National Eat an Iced Cookie Day. Who’s with me?

This invitation to imagination-based thinking is a boon to the growing brains in your child, especially if you pair your unusual celebrations with a trip to the library to learn more about whatever you want to celebrate!

Here are some actually-really-real summer holidays and great books to go along with them to celebrate this summer:

July 2: World UFO Day

Crash From Outer Space by Candace Fleming


What really happened at Roswell in 1947? Was it aliens who crashed in the New Mexico site or something else? This nonfiction book digs deep into everything related to the crash, but also the Cold War, the U.S. military operations at the time and how this incident started the UFO craze.

Weird Holiday Activity Suggestion: Draw alien faces on paper plates, cut out eye holes, and pretend to be aliens for a morning.

July 10: Teddy Bears Picnic Day

World’s Best Kids Songs

Best Songs

The library is full of books, of course, but we also have music! Find the Teddy Bears Picnic song on this album through Hoopla, a digital service where you can download music directly to your phone or device.

July 20: Moon Day

Hello, Moon written and illustrated by Evan Turk

Hello Moon

A contemplative and gentle story of parent and child watching the changing moon together and wondering what it all means.

Bonus nonfiction book: The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons, a classic that delves into the movements and phases of the moon as well as how we have explored it over the centuries, from earth and on the moon itself.

July 26: Aunts and Uncles Day

A Stack of Alpacas written and illustrated by Matt Cosgrove


What Will My Story Be? written and illustrated by Nidhi Chanani

My Story

As a proud aunt of two (and married to a “fun-cle”/fun uncle), this holiday has my full approval! A Stack of Alpacas shows the funnier side of aunts and uncles, while What Will My Story Be? shows how much aunts (and uncles) love their nieces and nephews – and wonder about what they will be.

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