A Wonderful Time at the OK Wondertorium

First of all, I’d like to announce that we welcomed a beautiful baby girl on Tuesday. We named her Sydney Ann Rodgers and I am, once again, overwhelmed with love for her and so grateful to be a mom. She has already been such a blessing and I’m having a wonderful time getting to know my new daughter. Her brother is smitten and has been so great with her. We are having a hard time getting her bilirubin level down, so she’s undergoing photo therapy 24/7. I’ll blog more about that later, but I don’t have a ton of time this morning, and I wanted to share our amazing experience at the Ok Wondertorium last weekend.

The OK Wondertorium is in Stillwater, and is well worth the drive. From what I understand, a group of moms were tired of having to go out of town, so they just decided to start up their own interactive museum. I’m so glad they did.

We went last Saturday, and assumed that it would be pretty packed, but it was surprisingly not too crowded. I assume that since Stillwater is a smaller town, this is the norm. It cost $6 to get in….no typo there…SIX BUCKS! That’s for the whole day, and that isn’t some ploy to get you in the door to charge you for everything. That is it.

My son and his 7-year-old cousin were with us, and the age range was not an issue. The exhibits were interesting and fun for both of them. I’d love to go into more details, but as you can imagine, I’m a little strapped for time these days. So, I’m going to share some photos with you.


Very cool stuff! So, I recommend working a visit into your summer plans. Of course, you’ll have to schedule in a trip to Joe’s or The Hideaway for lunch. Duh.


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