A Note to my Future, Tired Self

It was a moment of weakness.

After the 15th day over 105 degrees this blustery summer and my then 18-month-old throwing tantrums every time I turned my hair dryer on, I made an emergency appointment with my hair stylist. I was a woman on a mission, blinded by the heat.

That day I cut off around 10 inches of hair.

I was in denial at first and my overly supportive support group said they thought it looked great. Liars.

Now, months later, I’m still regretting this decision and the years it will take to get my hair back to french braid length.

Having always had long hair, I assumed that getting rid of 90% of it would make my life easier. Oh, how wrong I was. Short hair is hard work!

My former long-haired-self would occasionally dry it; but would more often dry half of it, get tired of drying and throw it back into a braid. This is not an option with short hair.

You have to dry it all the way and attempt to style it (which I totally missed that class in Junior High).

It takes longer and I feel like it’s never really fixed. I’m not even completely sure if I know what I want it to look like. I do know that whatever this is, ain’t it.

So, to my future self: It’s going to get hot outside, your children are going to get impatient when you attempt to look like a girl. But no matter how bad it seems, calling your hair stylist for an emergency appointment is NOT the answer. Take weeks, months to ponder over the decision. All the while remembering that your face is too round for short hair and you look like a mushroom.

To my future very pregnant self: DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!


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