48 Weeks—Dude looks like a lady

I‘ll be honest with you, I would prefer that my son doesn’t ever want to be a princess for Halloween. There was a great segment on the Today Show this morning regarding this topic. The basic run-down is that her son wanted to be a princess for halloween. When she said “boys aren’t princesses”, he replied “I’ll be a boy princess”. Instead of forcing him to be something such as a ninja, she embraced and supported his decision.

I love this!

I love that the message in this piece was one of acceptance, and that whether or not this boy will or won’t be gay because of his Halloween costume isn’t.

She was very candid in her blog about the other kids not having a problem with it, but that the other moms did. The kids don’t see the social stigma attached to it which is such a beautiful thing.

I also enjoyed a story in TulsaKids that Holly Wall wrote about her son having a baby doll.

As a mom to a young boy these stories are great to hear…the moral I take from both of them is chill out and the only way kids know something is weird is when you tell them.

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