43 Weeks—Where’s the Caffeine when you need it?

Up until the last 2 years of my life I slept a lot. I never realized how much sleep I was actually getting, but I’m quite envious of my former self. I was never a huge coffee drinker and caffeine wasn’t something I depended on in any way. Even in college staying up late partying…I mean studying, was not a big deal because all I had to get up for was Young and the Restless at 11:00. That 8:00 lab was optional right? Sorry Mom.

I didn’t get horrible morning sickness when pregnant, but I did get a sudden onset of narcolepsy. Seriously, I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. But no caffeine when you’re pregnant right? Oh well, it’s not like I had a baby yet, so I could sleep whenever.

But then the baby comes. Yay, but once again exhaustion. But no caffeine when your breast-feeding right?

Okay, now we have a problem. And I know you can have some “in moderation”. I’ve never done well with moderation.

My point is, when you truly need it, it’s not there. Much like something (more specifically someone) else that seems to disappear when it’s time for a dirty diaper to be changed.

To the Motherhood,

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