42 Weeks—MDO=Sick Baby

Up until about a month ago I kept my little guy home full-time. My goal was a year, but 1) he seemed ready to get out of the house and 2) my sitters left for college. Luckily I only work part-time so I’m able to take advantage of a Mother’s Day Out instead of full-time day care and we absolutely love it! I love the teachers and Bennett is practically bursting out of my arms as soon as we walk through the door. He seems to really enjoy playing with the other babies. I’d be lying if I said he showed any resistance when I leave. In fact, sometimes I linger a little too long waiting for him to reach for me or at least glance in my direction…doesn’t happen.

The problem is that he has had, at the very least, a runny nose since the first day I picked him up. I dropped off a healthy baby and picked up a crusty-nosed, sniffling one. I understand that they have to “build up immunities” and “it’s going to happen sooner or later”, but COME ON. In the past 2 weeks we’ve been to our pediatrician 3 times and made a trip to Urgent Care this morning. He has been diagnosed with ear infections, laryngitis and most recently he woke up with a bizarre, whelpy rash all over his face (that mysteriously disappeared as quickly as it appeared). I feel like I’m constantly giving him medicine and he can see me coming with a “boogie wipe” miles away. He hates me wiping his nose almost as much as I hate him having that crusty junk.

So my question is how long does it take to build up these so-called immunities? They can’t give him a flu shot until he’s healthy and I can’t help but assume that some moms may be taking their kids in to school when they probably shouldn’t be.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much because so far it hasn’t been too serious. Other moms have let me know that the real fun starts when there’s a stomach flu going around that the whole family catches. Looking forward to that one…

To the Motherhood,

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