34 Weeks—Baby Name Commitment

We have finally decided to commit to a name. Since he is taking up every thought throughout my day, it just didn’t seem right calling him “lil man” or “the baby” anymore. The name we have chosen is Bennett Berry Rodgers. I’m not sure if he will go by Ben, Bennett, or my 4 year old niece’s version… “Benny.”

I’ve always liked the idea of using family names—my Father’s middle name is Ben, and Berry is a family name on my husband’s side. Aside from actually deciding to have a baby, naming him has been the most involved decision thus far in our journey.

It’s quite interesting to watch people’s reaction to the name. Bennett is an older name, and was quite popular in the early 1900’s…but it always seems to be the older generation that show more indifference. The 20-40 year old audience is much more supportive, or maybe just quicker to disguise any opposition they have. I have really surprised myself by how sensitive I am about people’s reactions. I don’t think I am a sensitive person by nature, but it appears that when it comes to my child I am already quite emotional. Could be the pregnancy, but I am sure it is all part of the “Momma Bear” instinct that is in all of us.

To the Motherhood,

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