31 Weeks—“Nip” it in the bud

Bennett has teeth! Finally, something has developed from months and months of slobbering. Like rolling over, I’m having a hard time remembering why I was in such a hurry for this milestone.

Why? Oh, I thought that I was over the pains caused by breast feeding. I even gave away the remainder of my Lanolin to a pregnant friend. Little did I know, there’s something worse than the initial chapping and soreness. Much worse. You know when you get a new puppy and how their teeth are razor sharp, well stick that puppy up to your breast and there you go.

I was nursing at my sister’s yesterday when B chomped down, and she had to get up to leave the room. The episode kick-started a series of flashbacks for her, and it was too much to handle. “What do I do?” I pleaded. “He’s done. If he has time to bite down, he’s not hungry” she replied.

On a lighter note, I decided that if I was going to continue on for another couple of months (Man, I’ve been saying just a couple more months for months now), I deserved a new nursing bra. I went to Dillard’s–none there, Gap–none there, Motherhood Maternity–none in my size (that’s a whole new blog topic), and finally ended up at True to You Bra Salon. I walk in pushing a stroller, diaper bag and purse over my shoulder, sweat dripping down my face, almost in tears and stated “I need a nursing bra, a good one, a really big, good nursing bra”.

You know those wedding shows where the bride tries on the first dress she sees and it’s “THE ONE”…I had that very experience, and was probably more excited than any bride. It has changed my life.

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