3 Weeks—Cabin Fever!

If there were ever a time to get on lock down in my house, I suppose now is the time. Since Bennett was 3 1/2 weeks early, we were under strict orders from the doc to keep him home and to not have a lot of unnecessary handling. I’m pretty sure that our family and friends think I’ve gone a little crazy. Before you can walk in the door I’m asking you to sanitize, and if you sneeze, I can’t help but rush Bennett out of the room. It may be the hormones, lack of sleep, maternal instinct…whatever it is, it’s strong and not going away. So, it’s possible that we may not leave the house until Spring. But with the weather, I think I may be lucky to have an excuse…

My sister asked me today what has happened in the past 3 weeks that I wasn’t prepared for. I replied with 3 things:

1) Sleep Deprivation

I knew to expect it, but jeez, you literally do not sleep. I’m up to feed him every 2 to 3 hours, and I’m so paranoid that he’s going to stop breathing that I spend the down time just staring at him. I’ve started to relax about this a little bit, but I still wake up in a panic.

2) The Penis

Almost every time I change his diaper, so 20 times a day…he waits until his unsuspecting Mother moves the diaper away for just a second, and then he strikes! I’ve been hit in the eye, my hair, my mouth…I can’t move fast enough.

3) Being a Mom

I know that Moms love their children, but until he arrived, I had no idea how much. The love I have for this little baby is over-whelming, and the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. I feel like he’s been here the whole time, and everything going on around me is insignificant. It’s truly beautiful.

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