25 Weeks—A Look into my Future

A couple of years ago, my sister moved to Tulsa. It is so great having her so close, and even better that I am able to spend time with my niece and nephew. Yesterday was not one of those days.

My sister had called and asked me to join her for my nephew’s 1 year shots and my 4 1/2 year old niece’s boosters. Although I prefer joining them for more joyful occasions, she needed my help, so of course I said yes.

When I opened the door, the mood in the car was ominous. I looked at my niece in the backseat, and it was apparent that the news of what was to come had been shared. My nephew, who is only 13 months, even seemed to understand that no good was to come of this doctor’s visit. The ride was uncomfortably quiet, and I considered hi-jacking the SUV and driving straight to Braum’s.

At the doctor’s office, the cheerful paint colors and fish tank did nothing to help the 20 minute wait. Again, I almost grabbed my niece and headed for the door. She was just sitting there trying not to cry…waiting for her version of torture. Finally, it was our turn, and as we headed into the room the bartering began…” What kind of toy do you want for being so brave?”, “How about we get popcorn at Target!”, etc. She seemed to make a turn for the better when the nurse walked in the door. Then, the most unbelievable, horrible thing happened when the fire alarms started going off! So my poor niece is sitting on the table awaiting her doom smack dab in the middle of a fire drill. Also, since the shots have a short expiration date, they had to be administered before we evacuated.

We survived, but barely. Luckily, for my niece, she will not have to get shots again until she’s 11 years old. And I do think it will take that long for her to get over the traumatic experience.
My sister dropped me back off at home, and proceeded on with her day. I, on the other hand, had to lay down from exhaustion.

I know this is a small taste of my future as a mother. I remember my Mother always saying that she would take my place if she could, and now I know exactly what she meant!

To the Motherhood,

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