2 Months–The First Shot Experience

Yesterday was Bennett’s 2 month check up. Unaware that I was taking him to our first traumatic experience since birth, I happily went to the doctor’s office eager to see how much he has grown. The first part of the appointment went well, then the doctor told me that the nurse would be in shortly for his shots….

“Ahem, shots?”

“What do I do?”, I asked the nurse.

“Just comfort him, and hold his arms for me”

In the 10 seconds it took to complete the 3 shots, I went from the verge of passing out to almost decking the sweet nurse (for doing her job). To say he cried is an understatement. Hysteria, whaling, bawling would be better descriptions. Plus, the panic he was sensing from me couldn’t have helped. It took 10 minutes for us both to calm down. It was horrible!

I left there feeling guilty and couldn’t stop apologizing to the little guy. I felt like he was looking at me with the “how could you do this to me” eyes. I was explaining myself over and over to my 2 month old. “It’s just something that has to be done. I would take them for you if I could. Mommy is so sorry!” I would have driven directly to Braum’s if he could have ice cream, and considered going anyways to make myself feel better with a double dip.

To the Motherhood,

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