Were You Ever Bullied?

Did any of you hear the interview this morning on NPR about bullying? Diane Rehm (sp?) was talking to the author of “Don’t Laugh at Me” and “Don’t Laugh at Us.” The first one was a best-seller and the latter was just published. Her stories were pretty horrific.

I have a friend whose high school daughter is bullied nearly every day at her high school (I won’t mention the school or the girl’s name for obvious reasons), but it breaks my heart. The weird thing is that the many of the kids doing the bullying are the “popular” kids, the ones the teachers and parents love. The cruelty is astounding. Not only do the “popular” kids verbally abuse her, but if she goes for help to the teachers, they say it’s her fault.

Have any of you ever been bullied? The woman who wrote these books was bullied starting in 5th grade. Sometimes physically, but mostly emotionally. One woman called in and said she was part of the popular group and was bullied by her own friends. She said she never knew when she was going to be isolated from them and there was never any reason for it.

Do you have any bullying stories? Have any of your kids been the victims of bullying?

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