A chilly Valentine's Day, my son's new band and WorkForce Tulsa

Happy Valentine’s week! 

Do you have that time of year when you have lots of celebrating? For me it starts at Halloween and doesn’t end till March. There are the big ones, of course, in November and December. Then comes a handful of birthdays, Groundhog Day (see last week’s blog), the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s 2021

I’m currently single. However, if you have little kids, you know the “holiday for lovers” can be just as fun and heartwarming with only your kiddos. Especially since it’s supposed to be sub-freezing cold this weekend, it’ll be a perfect time to snuggle on the couch and watch the movies Frozen I and Frozen II or the Ice Age series.

Like everything, the pandemic has us all celebrating a bit differently. TulsaKids.com has a list of many fun ways to enjoy the weekend like picking up a Valentine’s Card Making Kit from Tulsa City-County Public Library to “Peace Love and a Food Drive” at Iron Gate, where you can donate canned food, peanut butter, etc. And receive a special sweet treat for your love and kindness.

Just be sure to call ahead to make sure they are open since this morning Alan Crone from NewsOnSix said Valentine’s Day will start off with a temperature of 1. Yes, ONE Degree Sunday morning! #BernieMittens

And if you’re staying, we also have information about a fun delivery service called Tipsy Truck Delivery. They will deliver a fun basket of items ranging from Ring Pops to Champagne and Hot Cocoa Heart Bombs to cans of local beer from Cabin Boys. 

Birthday Celebrations and Moonlight Rush

This past Sunday, I celebrated my son Atticus’ 11th birthday. We stayed in for the most part, getting out for a couple hours of trampolines at Urban Air. We have a membership there and for the most part have been relieved that when we go it’s not super crowded. There have been times when I pulled in the parking lot and just kept going because of too many cars for my comfort level. Luckily, on Sunday it wasn’t too bad. I guess a lot of people were getting ready for the Super Bowl, which is what I was hoping. Congrats Tom Brady… AGAIN! I gotta say it was nice to see a fellow “old guy” beat a young millennial on the world’s stage!

Img 0242

I also found time to run to Guitar Center to get my son his first electric guitar! 


“Please Rock Gods, allow the spirit of Eddie Van Halen to flow through my son’s fingertips to shred his Fender Squire guitar strings so as to melt the faces of all who hear. Amen.”

I, too, took guitar lessons at his age. When I was eleven, I wanted to be Ace Frehley of KISS. So, I started taking lessons. However, even before I could figure out my sisters’ makeup or save enough money for a guitar that caught on fire and started smoking, I was already drowning in learning all the notes and chords and gave it up. I wanted to focus on my hockey playing. I wanted to be Wayne Gretsky, too.

Like all parents, I hope better for him. Luckily, he has a neighborhood friend who got a bass guitar for Christmas. They have been jamming together in his parents’ garage and my son’s bedroom. They already have a band name: Moonlight Rush.

Most of my regular rock radio listeners know my favorite band is Rush. I promise I didn’t brainwash my son into including the name “Rush, but I think it’s pretty cool. I can’t wait to introduce them in concert and yell into the microphone: “Scream for me, Tulsa! Please welcome to the legendary Cain’s Ballroom…. Moonlight Rush!!” Seeing them on the line-up for Rocklahoma 2025 would be cool, too!

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WorkForce Tulsa

This week on my social media sites I am working with WorkForce Tulsa. As I mentioned in previous blogs, one goal of mine is to help others. Having been in my dream job of being a Rock Radio DJ for the past 20 years, I was terminated in November. I am coping by donating, volunteering and sharing. There are millions of us that lost our job because of the Coronavirus pandemic. By inviting you on this journey I hope to also help you or someone you know that has lost their job. There are millions of us. And vice-versa, so please feel free to DM me on Twitter. I promise I’ll reply! www.twitter.com/LynnHernandez

Workforce’s website says:

“Workforce Tulsa fuels economic development by creating relationships that benefit employers and job seekers by placing talent today while preparing individuals for the jobs of tomorrow.”

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