TulsaKids Wins Best Magazine

We recently returned from the annual Parenting Publications of America (PPA) convention in Washington, D.C. I’ve been going to these things for more years than I care to admit. It amazes me how the publications keep growing, evolving and improving. I’m not sure how many publications are members of PPA, which is our professional organization, but I think it’s around 150. Publishers, editors, designers and sales professionals come from as far away as Australia and Canada to attend three days of intense workshops. The event is capped off with an awards dinner, and TulsaKids won big!

We compete in our small circulation category so, for example, we’re not up against Dallas, Seattle, New York City or Chicago. Our competition is Montreal, Little Rock, South Florida, New Orleans and the like. Some of the publications are privately owned and published independently like TulsaKids, and others, including small ones, are owned by local daily newspapers or by companies that publish lots of magazines.

TulsaKids stacks up with the best of them. In fact, this year we won the Gold Award for General Excellence, which means best magazine! In addition, we received 13 other awards, which I’ll list below. TulsaKids has a very small staff and I use local freelance writers almost exclusively. The fact that we win so many awards year after year is a testament to the talent we have here in Tulsa. I greatly appreciate everyone who writes for the magazine, and the staff – Cindy Webb, Abby Rodgers, Caroline Shaw, Hannah Middlebrook, Kathy Thompson, Kayla Baggs and our publisher Chuck Foshee. Judges were from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Here are the winning entries this year. Congratulations!

Front Cover/Glossy: Use of Stock Photo
Gold: Charles Foshee, graphic artist

Column: Reviews
Bronze: Nancy A. Moore, writer

Column: Child Development & Parenting Issues
Gold: “Teens and Tweens,” Claudia Arthrell, writer
Silver: “Birth & Beyond,” Corinne Fiagome, writer

Column: Family Matters
Silver: “Stages: School Age,” Cindy Webb, writer

Silver: “Marion Jones: Tulsa Shock athlete and mom,” Natasha Ball, writer

Gold: “Local Moms Battle Sickle Cell Disease,” Anna Casey, writer

News Feature
Bronze: “When Dating Turns Dangerous,” Jennifer Luitwieler, writer

Investigative Reporting
Gold: “Vaginal Birth After Cesarean,” Holly Wall, writer

Service Feature
Gold: “Good Sports: What You Need to Know About Kids & Sports,” Betty Casey, writer

General Feature Writing
Gold: “Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa”; Kristi Eaton, writer

Web Site Content
Silver Tulsakids.com; Abby Rodgers, web/social media editor

General Excellence
Gold: Charles Foshee, graphic artist and publisher; Betty Casey, editor; Cindy Webb, assistant editor


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