Tips for Choosing an Extracurricular Activity

two children painting, for article on choosing an extracurricular activity

When it comes to choosing an extracurricular activity for your children, here are five things to consider:

1. Consider your child’s interests and temperament. Children who like independent activities might want to take tennis or karate rather than be part of a team. On the other hand, a quite child may actually enjoy acting classes to build her self-confidence.

2. Consider enrolling your child in something that you feel is an important aspect of your child’s education that he or she may be missing in school, such as art or music lessons.

3. Consider your time and ability to get your child to the activity.

4. Consider what fits your family in terms of scheduling. Don’t over-schedule or feel that you have to have your child in something because someone else does. Children like to try everything, so help narrow choices.

5. Consider your child’s age/grade level when choosing activities. For example, 3rd grade is a great time developmentally, to participate in team sports. First and 2nd graders may enjoy non-competitive sports and physical activity or creative classes that allow for exploration. As children get older and homework increases, make sure they have some free time and family time in their schedules.

Extracurricular activities can build self-confidence and skills in addition to giving children an opportunity to socialize outside of school.

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