Tiny Things by Bowen: Creative Parties Promising BIG Fun!

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Local artist Sarah Bowen is the creative mastermind behind Tiny Things by Bowen. Not only does she make and sell her own polymer clay art, you can hire her to lead a polymer clay crafting session at your next birthday party! Because she has lots of experience teaching kids, you can rest-assured the kiddos will have a great time – and leave the party with their own tiny creations!

Below, Sarah answers questions about Tiny Things by Bowen birthday parties. You can find more information in the TulsaKids Party Planner!

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1. What does a party with Tiny Things by Bowen look like?

I’ll make it super easy for you! I’ll show up to your location (Tiny Things does not provide the space), set up the craft on tables you provide or on 6-foot tables I can bring along by request. We’ll need a small, separate space for the provided toaster oven. Your guests will get to craft for about an hour and a half, everyone making two items each.

I will then step aside to bake and wrap the items while you have fun with cake and gifts or other fun party things. A thorough cleanup will be provided during that time as well. Your space will be back to normal two hours after you begin, and each of your guests will have a labeled drawstring gift bag to take their items home in!

2. What are some of the perks of having a Tiny Things by Bowen birthday party?

Unlike other crafting party options, your guests have total freedom to choose what they make! They may take inspiration from the examples provided or from the party’s theme, but they have two chances to make anything they can imagine if they choose!

The birthday kiddo gets to keep one of the examples as their own, and custom examples can be made to fit ANY theme! Tiny Things parties are easy to host without leaving your home or to set up in a public space like a park, community center, or even restaurant.

3. Are there different party packages/pricing options?

Birthday parties start at $200 for the first ten crafters (two adults can make along for free!), and $10 per additional crafter. If you have more than 18 guests, I will bring along an assistant for a $40 fee to help everything run smoothly. Special pricing is available for homeschool groups, fundraisers, and scouts – inquire online.

4. Are there specific project options, or can children come up with their own ideas/themes?

Tiny parties can be matched to any theme your kiddo can come up with! Specific examples can be provided either to match that theme or just to include some of the guest of honor’s favorite things. Crafters may choose to follow along with projects provided, but have the freedom to make whatever they want.

I will come with a tiny plethora of example pieces so kids have easy access to a wide range of ideas, and of course I’ll be available to help them succeed in their own ideas as well. For theme ideas, check out the gallery of past themes here!

5. What are some examples of party projects you’ve led in the past?

Well, of course we have the long-time trend staples like Minecraft, unicorns, and tiny food…but recent Tiny parties have included such unique themes as “Cat Wizard,” “Pink Pig Party,” “Puppy Party,” and “Forest Friends.” I love coming up with Tiny creations to match creative themes, so you can throw anything at me!

6. What is the ideal age range for a Tiny Things by Bowen party? 

Tiny Things parties can accommodate a wide range of ages! Children as young as 3 can make things with the help of an adult. For such young crafters I’ve often created little templates (like unicorn heads or dinosaur bodies) for them to smoosh details to.

By 5, kiddos can do a lot more on their own, but may still need some parental encouragement. Ages 6 and up tend to work great independently and start to flourish with polymer clay. Tiny hands might need a little help warming up the clay and learning the basics, but they’re always ready with ideas and plans.

By the time your kiddos get up to 10 or so, they start to really focus in and take their time; sometimes I have to rush them in the end because they’re so into it. It’s a great party for your pre-teens.

But I don’t think anyone can grow out of their creativity…I do grown-up parties like ladies nights, birthdays, and holiday gatherings too!

7. What do you enjoy most about hosting clay parties?

I love seeing what the kiddos come up with. It’s such a stress-free medium, and with tiny projects kids really feel a lot of freedom and none of the stress to make a masterpiece. I never know what they’re going to come up with, and even though I’ve been doing it for five years, I still get to see new and creative ideas at every party. Since items can be turned into something functional like keychains for their backpacks or magnets for the fridge, I love knowing that they will be able to show off their art and be proud!

8. How long have you been a polymer clay artist, and what inspired you to start creating with polymer clay?

I have been an artist since I was old enough to hold a pencil (I was a master pizza drawer at age five), and I’ve been an “artrepeneur” since I was seven, selling my creations at the neighborhood garage sales. But I didn’t fall in love with polymer clay until the holiday season of 2013 when I decided I wanted to play around with sculpting for some Christmas gifts. I immediately fell in love with the medium and started Tiny Things by Bowen the following year. As of this summer of 2022 it will have been my full-time gig for five years!!

9. Besides birthday parties, what else does Tiny Things by Bowen offer/do?

My career is what we call a “portfolio career”, so I do a lot! In addition to making and selling my own Tiny art around Tulsa and online, I also teach in a variety of ways. As a guest arts instructor in local school systems I teach pre-K to high school art lessons, including social emotional learning through drawing for the youngin’s, polymer clay (of course), and even stop motion animation!

During the summers I work with the Tulsa County Library’s Summer Reading Program to provide instruction for free at various locations. You can also find me around town doing public pop-up workshops for all ages. Check the calendar on my site to see what’s coming up!

10. How far in advance must reservations be made, and are they refundable?

I am usually booked up a month or two in advance for weekend parties, but occasionally may have an opening on shorter notice. Please reach out as soon as you get an inkling to host a Tiny Things party! A $50 deposit will be made to save your date and is refundable or transferable up to two weeks before the event.

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