Things I Did to Not Forget the Things I’ve Done

This morning I did something I’ve never done before – guest hosted a TV morning show. Yes. Really. I know. The nice people at KTUL Channel 8’s “Good Morning Tulsa” invited me to fill in for the day for Keith Taylor. Of course, no one can replace Keith, but I said “yes” because I think it’s good for me to get out from behind my computer and step outside my comfort zone.

I told my kids that I survived it and actually had fun because Kristin Dickerson and Mike Collier and Executive Producer Jody McIntyre and all the other people at Channel 8 are all so nice to me.

And maybe it’s a good example to set for my young adult children as one navigates the ins and outs of a first professional job and the other two go through college. I emailed them all and said that I survived my TV hosting and that I like to do different things once in awhile because maybe it will keep me from getting Alzheimer’s.

My daughter, who is studying abroad in Barcelona, emailed me back and said, “I like that your justification for appearing as a guest host on T.V. is to not get Alzheimer’s. You should write a book called, ‘The Things I did to Not Forget the Things I’ve done.’” (I don’t know WHERE my kids get their sarcastic sense of humor.)

So, I stole my title for this blog from my daughter.

But it is good to step outside your comfort zone every once in awhile, even when you’re as old as I am. There’s always something new to do or learn.

How did it go on TV, you ask? Well, it’s certainly a lot faster-paced than writing and editing. And you have to think on your feet, then be able to articulate what you’re thinking at the same time. Kinda hard for me. I also forgot that I’m supposed to be talking to the camera, which is rather odd when you’re not used to it. TV hosting ranks right up there with the time I got to ride around town in the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile. All in all, it was great fun, but slightly nerve-wracking because you know people are watching you. I certainly won’t forget it, and it will certainly become a chapter in my book “Things I Did to Not Forget the Things I’ve Done.”

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