The Best Sledding Spots in Tulsa

So the snow has stopped falling and the kids are ready to get out there and enjoy it. But where to go? Here’s a list of some of Tulsa’s favorite sledding spots. But first, review these safety tips from with your kids before heading out. Sledding is supposed to be fun – getting hurt is not.
  • Designate a go-to adult. In the event someone gets injured, you’ll want an adult on hand to administer first aid and, if necessary, take the injured sledder to the emergency room.
  • Always sit face-forward on your sled. Never sled down a hill backwards or while standing, and don’t go down the hill face-first, as this greatly increases the risk of a head injury.
  • Young kids (5 and under) should sled with an adult, and kids younger than 12 should be actively watched at all times.
  • Go down the hill one at a time and with only one person per sled (except for adults with young children).
  • Never build an artificial jump or obstacle on a sledding hill.
  • Keep your arms and legs within the sled at all times, and if you fall off the sled, move out of the way. If you find yourself on a sled that won’t stop, roll off it and get away from it.
  • Walk up the side of the hill and leave the middle open for other sledders.
  • Never ride a sled that is being pulled by a moving vehicle.

Top Sledding Spots in Tulsa

Some of the options listed here may be private property. Please be respectful wherever you choose to sled. If in doubt, call in advance to make sure sledding is allowed. 

  • Zink Park: 3216 S. Trenton Ave.
  • Woodland Hills Mall: 71st and Memorial (the hills on the north side)
  • Roy Clark Elementary: 41st and Mingo
  • McClure Park: 7440 E. 7th St.
  • Chandler Park: 6500 W. 21st St.
  • Harlwelden Mansion: 23rd and Riverside, 2210 S. Main St.
  • Cherry Hills: 36th between Lakewood and Joplin
  • McBirney Mansion: 1414 S. Galveston
  • Bass Pro Shop: 101 Bass Pro Dr., Broken Arrow
  • Boston Avenue Church: 1301 S. Boston (behind the parking lot of Boston Avenue Church)
  • Kirk of the Hills: 61st between Yale and Sheridan (Livingston Park reservoir)
  • Oxford Apartments: 89th & Sheridan
  • Gathering Place, Great Lawn: 2600 S. Riverside Dr.
  • Will Rogers High School: 3909 E. 5th Pl.

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