That’s Disgusting! “Icky” Books Kids May Love

Hopefully you’ll forgive me, but when someone offered to send me a book called “What a Blast! Fart Games, Fart Puzzles, Fart Pranks and MORE FARTS!” I couldn’t say no. Joss has been into activity books lately – Mad Libs, etc. – and I knew the subject matter would be right up his alley. So I promised to include a blurb about the book in a longer article including other titles. Plus, I’ll share a couple recipes on how to make your own fake poop! So without further ado, here are some books about poop, farts and more to check out with your kids. If you can stand it!

Books About Farts, Poop, Etc.

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

The cover of Everyone Poops. One of several books about farts, poop, etc.

I first learned of this book in high school. Apparently our English teacher made another class read it, and they were talking about it after the fact. I believe his intent was to help the students overcome general embarrassment/self-conciousness. After all, everyone poops!

Anyway, I did purchase this book for Joss when I had a chance. We had a lot of fun with it. I tried to do different poop sounds for each page. Towards the end, it shows a child using the potty to poop, so might be a good one to read around potty-training age?

Does It Fart? by Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti, illustrated by Alex G. Griffiths

The cover of Does It Fart, one of several recommended books about fartsThis was the first book Joss read for this year’s Summer Reading Program, I think. We’d signed up at the Nathan Hale Library, and came away with this gem. It was actually very interesting and informative!

Did you know birds don’t fart? They don’t have the right bacteria! And seal farts are some of the stinkiest in the world, thanks to their fishy diets.

If you’re inspired to learn more, this is apparently based off of the New York Times bestseller, “Does It Fart? The Definitive Guide to Animal Flatulence.”  That one is 144 pages, so I’m sure it contains all the farting information you could ever hope for!

This Poop is Mine! by Gusti

This PoopI haven’t read this book, but it was recommended by my friend Ms. Jayme, who works at the Jenks Library. (Along with her friend Marlow the Pig.) This one is less of an information book – at least in terms of poop – and more about interpersonal relationships.

Here’s the description from Amazon: “When Lola the fly finds a mountain of poop, she sticks her flag in it and declares, ‘This poop is mine!’ She’s so happy she has her own pile of poop… until Fiona the fly lands on her poop and declares, ‘This poop is mine!’ Lola and Fiona have the battle of a lifetime as they try to decide who this poop belongs to. Who will win the fight for the big poop? Or can the two flies find some way to say, ‘This poop is OURS!’?”

What a Blast! by Julie Winterbottom, illustrated by Clay Souza

joss holds a copy of what a blast, one of two books about farts

As I said before, this is an activity book that combines childhood favorites like Mad Libs, word searches, etc., with information about farts. And a lot of silliness, too, of course! So far, we’ve created our own “fart names,” learned about different amusing names for farts, and more. There’s a recipe for making your own farting slime, quizzes about what kind of animals fart (we did pretty good on this one, thanks to Does It Fart?).

Img 9238 2

Img 9239 1

One of Joss’s favorite pages

There is a good variety to the activities in this book, and it certainly fits the bill of amusing Joss. A nice thing to do together with your kid, perhaps – they’ll know you’re willing to do something you’d otherwise probably NEVER do, just to spend time with them. 🙂 Plus, again, this kind of book is a good reminder to any child who has ever been embarrassed over accidentally farting in public: It happens to us all. So hopefully that helps, if it’s something that’s bothering them!

Other Books About Farts, Etc.

How to Make Fake Poop

Just for fun, why not make some fake poop? There are plenty of tutorials out there, but these are the two easiest I found.

TP Roll Poop

Img 9230 1

For this one, just take used toilet paper rolls, and peel them into strips. Get the strips thoroughly wet and squeeze the water out, squeezing into a cohesive lump at the same time. Shape it until it looks like poop, and see who you can fool!

Img 9233

Tasty PB Poop

Ok, it’s a little too sweet to be truly tasty, but it’s not bad! Mix 3/4 c. powdered sugar, 1/6 c. cocoa powder, 1/6 c. PB and a splash of milk. Mix until a moldable consistency. Then form it into poop!

Img 9242 1

Litter Box Cake

I really thought we had a recipe on our site for this, but apparently not! So here is a highly rated recipe from AllRecipes: Basically, you crumble together a chocolate and a white cake, along with crushed vanilla sandwich cookies and prepared vanilla pudding. Place this into a lined (new) litter box, and top with more crushed cookies mixed with a little green food coloring. The whole thing is decorated with softened Tootsie rolls that you shape into more poo-like shapes. You get the idea 🙂

Hope that was fun! If you have any favorite books about farts, poop, etc., feel free to share them in the comments!

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