Meet Marlow, the Famous Library Pig!

Marlow Explores The Book Drop
Marlow explores the book drop.

If you’ve been to the Jenks Library lately – or follow the branch on social media – you probably already know Marlow. He enjoys hiding around the library so kids can find him, and he gets up to a lot of adventures when he’s not on hide-and-seek duty! I asked Marlow’s friend, Jayme Taylor, Youth Library Associate at the Jenks Library, to help him answer some questions about his role at the library, his favorite books and more.

TR: Tell us a little about yourself! How did you come to be the Jenks Library mascot?

Marlow: One of my favorite things to do is explore. I am a lifelong learner; I am always excited to learn something new. I love to play hide and seek. You will often find me hiding on a shelf in the library. When children visit the library and find me, they get a sticker! I am shy and clumsy. Sometimes I make messes, but I am always happy to clean them up. As a piglet, Jenks Library took me in. We were all surprised by how well I fit in as a library pig.

Marlow Scales Icebergs

Marlow scales icebergs.

TR: What can you tell us about the Jenks Library? Is there something in particular that makes it stand out from other library branches?

Marlow: Jenks Library is one of the highest circulating libraries for its size in the Tulsa City-County Library system. That means we bring in and send out many books. We have an incredible community. Many of our customers come in at least once a week.

Marlow Gets A Library Card

Marlow gets a library card!

TR: I hear you’ve toured some of the other local library branches. What are some features from other library branches that you enjoyed, or that people might not know about?

Marlow: I love exploring the Tulsa City-County Library branches. We have 24 locations, and they are all different. My favorite libraries to visit are the resource centers. Did you know that we have an African-American Resource Center, American Indian Resource Center, Hispanic Resource Center and a Genealogy Resource Center!?

Editor’s Note: These are located in the Rudisill Regional Library, Zarrow Regional Library, Martin Regional Library and Hardesty Regional Library, respectively.

TR: What do you like most about working for and representing the Tulsa City-County Libraries?

Marlow: I most enjoy seeing the community, making new friends and being able to read any book I want. There are so many resources that the Tulsa City-County Library offers. Did you know we now have a Build A Reader app?! You can find your favorite children’s and youth librarians singing songs and sharing fingerplays all in an app. Search “Build A Reader” in your device’s app store to download it for free.

TR: What are some of your favorite books? Favorite books about pigs?

Marlow Gets Cozy With A Book And Hot Cocoa

Marlow gets cozy with a book and hot cocoa.

Marlow: I have many favorite books! Lately, I have been loving the Red Knit Cap Girl books by Naoko Stoop. I am also a big Mo Willems fan. I really enjoy reading all the Gerald and Piggy books. They make me snort out loud. It’s important to see yourself in a book. I love seeing myself in books that have pigs. A fun book I like to read is “Business Pig” by Andrea Zuill. A few other favorites are “Kitchen Disco” by Clare Foges, “Shine!” by Patrick McDonnell and “The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt” by Riel Nason.

TR: What are you currently reading, or what is on your to-be-read pile for 2022?

Marlow:  I am looking at any new book I can get my hooves on. I have seen many new books lately. I read as many as I can. I am getting prepared for the Summer Reading Program! A few that I read recently and loved are “Some Days: A Tale of Love, Ice Cream, and My Mom’s Chronic Illness” by Julie A. Stamm and “Tuesday Is Daddy’s Day” by Elliot Kreloff.

TR: I hear you like dressing up! What are some favorite book characters you’ve dressed up as?

Marlow: I love dressing up! I have my very own closet! I have a business suit, winter boots, a sweater, a golden crown, scarf, hats and many pairs of glasses. I have dressed up as a ghost, a bunny, a unicorn and a reindeer. I am really looking forward to the Summer Reading Program. I will be dressed up all summer long!

Marlow Takes A Bath

Marlow takes a bath.

TR: I’ve heard kids can pick up Marlow coloring sheets! How and when can they get one?

Marlow: Yes! We have a new Marlow color sheet every month! You can pick them up in the children’s area at Jenks Library! Look out for special Summer Reading Program color sheets in June and July!

TR: Can kids visit you at upcoming storytimes? When?

Marlow: Yes! Join Ms. Jayme and me at Jenks Library. We have a family storytime for all ages every Tuesday at 10 a.m.! There will be a small break in the months of May and August just so we have time to prepare for fun programming and activities.

Marlow A Beautiful Day To Climb A Tree

A beautiful day to climb a tree.

TR: How can people follow your adventures?

Marlow: You can visit me in person at the Jenks Library. I like to play hide and seek with all my friends. If you find me in the library, let someone at the front desk know, and you will get a sticker! You can also find me on Facebook at

Thank you so much again to Jayme Taylor of the Jenks Library for helping Marlow answer these questions, and for providing the wonderful photos and captions! And don’t forget to follow @jenkslibraryTCCL on Facebook so you can stay up-to-date on the latest Marlow adventures. If you’ve already met Marlow at the library, let us know in the comments!

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