Teenagers’ Party Trashes NFL Player’s Home

Did you read the story about the teens who broke into an NFL player’s second home and trashed it? According to a CNN U.S. account, they caused $20,000 in damage.

Brian Holloway, a former New England Patriots player, was in Florida while 300 teens partied in his vacation home in Stephentown, New York. Evidently, Holloway’s son started getting tweets about an underage drinking party at the house and alerted his dad, who called the police.

The kids broke windows, punched holes in walls, broke things throughout the house and spray-painted graffiti on the walls.

This is the part of the story that I love. Holloway said, “How do we save these 300 lives that thought this was a good idea?”

He had the tweets, so he started identifying the kids and put up a website.

Here’s the sad part. While Holloway is trying to get the teens to take responsibility for their actions and to (maybe?) have some consequences, many of the parents evidently were angry with HOLLOWAY for outing their little darlings!! I wish I could say that I find this unbelievable, but unfortunately, there are lots of parents out there who are like this. In fact, there are parents who would think this is just a case of “kids being kids.”

When clean-up started at the house, only ONE person out of the 50 who volunteered to help was a kid who had been at the party. One kid out of 300.

What would you do as a parent if one of these kids had been your kid? Do you know people who turn a blind eye to this kind of behavior? Some even expect it. Would you allow underage kids to drink at your home?

How can the parents of 300 kids let this just go by?

As Holloway is quoted in the article as saying:

“When will we see a 15-year-old in a casket from drinking and driving?” Holloway asked. “Then we’ll finally ask what could we have done, and that question will haunt us.”

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