Strong Mama Nursing Tea Recipe

One of the main concerns I hear from my moms at the postpartum visit is “I’m just worried I won’t make enough milk for my baby?” My answer? Chances are if you’re nursing on-demand (which translates to: constantly), staying hydrated, eating well, and resting as much as you can, you probably will! If you have deeper concerns definitely contact a La Leche League leader, a certified lactation counselor (CLC) or a Lactation Consultant (RLC)—feel free to contact me for breastfeeding support recommendations in the Tulsa area. But if you’re just wanting to give your milk supply (and your peace of mind) a boost, mix yourself up a cup or two of Strong Mama Nursing Tea.  

One of my beautiful doula clients passed on this recipe. Simple and healthy. You can find the herbal ingredients at Peace of Mind Bookstore or Natural Grocers here in Tulsa or order the them online from a place like Mountain Rose Herbs.


Raspberry Leaf
Oat Straw
Nettle Leaf
Lemon Balm

Mix equal parts dry herbs. Steep for a good 5 minutes. Add honey, soy milk or dairy milk to taste. Drink as many cups as you like a day. And let the milk flow!


La Leche League Tulsa: Virginia, leader (918) 231-8875; Denisa, leader (918) 381-3982

Peace of Mind Bookstore: (918) 583-1090, located at 1401 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74120

Natural Grocers: (918) 749-0271, located at 3126 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135

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