Soaring on Hope Pediatric Therapy Center:

Where hope takes flight

Born from the vision of its founder, Soaring on Hope (SOH) Pediatric Therapy Center was created to centralize therapy services and resources for families in one space.

“Through my foster parenting experience, I had a desire to be the voice for other families and a real passion for helping families and kids,” said Jessica Dyer, CEO and founder of the center. “There are not a lot of places to go for treatment that provide easy access to care and all services in one location. Our goal at the center is…to provide community for all our SOH kids.”

SOH Pediatric Therapy Center opened its doors in March 2018. Board certified therapists provide therapies, which include: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech, occupational, physical, behavioral and nutrition pediatric therapies, family counseling, community outreach and more.

“ABA is considered one of the most effective and evidenced-based treatments for autism,” Dyer said. “Our goal at SOH is to prepare our children for school and society. We stop where the ABCs start.”

Another service offered at SOH is Spectrum Academy, a special program specifically for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Spectrum Academy offers part-time, half day and full-day programs. SOH Kids attending Spectrum Academy are able to participate in music, art, S.T.E.M. and PE classes.

In the spirit of providing community, offerings at SOH include a community education center, cafe, free fruit available at the reception desk, and monthly events designed especially for families dealing with pediatric challenges. Child care is provided during monthly coffee talks, which allow parents to discuss a variety of topics and to learn more about resources available to them.

Around Mother’s Day, SOH hosted a mom’s event and offered free child care, massages, a coffee truck and more. “I prayed for 25 and 400 showed up,” Dyer said. “It’s a blessing seeing how my vision is what people needed.”

The center also makes counseling, speech and occupational therapy services available to students in the school setting to assist busy parents and educators. “We are trying to give parents more margin in their lives,” Dyer said. “We want to make their lives better.”

Starting in November, planning is underway to launch monthly date nights for parents. “This will be an opportunity for couples dealing with a difficult diagnosis to nurture their marriage,” Dyer said.

SOH currently employs almost 30. “Our team is very special. We plan to hire 100 more therapists by next year – every child we see receives one-to-one therapy,” Dyer said. The center also offers free hearing and developmental screenings to every child in Green Country by appointment.

A second location at 101st and Sheridan is being developed next door to Anchored in Hope, a pediatric/adult/marriage/family counseling therapy center. Anchored in Hope is a sister company to SOH. “Parents dealing with a difficult diagnosis often have a need for mental health support to learn to cope and thrive,” Dyer said.

SOH services are provided in a 34,000 square foot clinic located at 49th and Sheridan. SOH is a private practice owned, operated and funded by Dyer, a Tulsa native and single mom. SOH accepts most major insurance plans and SoonerCare.

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