Rewind eSports: Great Birthday Parties for Gamers

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Is your kid a serious gaming enthusiast? Then Rewind eSports in Broken Arrow may be just the venue you’re looking for when it comes to planning your child’s next party. Rewind eSports is a gaming arcade with the best in classic and contemporary video games, where friends can hang out and play together. To book your party, visit, or contact with any questions.

Below, Rewind eSports answers questions about their party packages. You can also learn more in the TulsaKids Party Planner.

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1. What does Rewind eSports offer?

Rewind eSports offers a social gaming experience designed to bring you games on premium hardware and accessories. We believe in an inclusive environment that encourages the social style of gaming that was the norm in the ’80s and ’90s. We offer 46 PCs (Alienware), 12 Consoles (Xbox), 10 Nintendo Switches, and 4 Retro Arcades for your enjoyment.

2. How long have you been in Broken Arrow, what inspired you to open the business, and where are you located?

Rewind opened in January 2021 to provide a place for gamers to socialize with another in a non-toxic environment. We are located near Bass Pro Shops in Broken Arrow, OK.

3. What does a birthday party at Rewind eSports include?

All party and event packages include the following: 2 hours of gaming (PC or Xbox); Party Host; reserved tables in Café or Loft. Plates and utensils are provided, and outside food and drink are allowed (cake not provided).

4. Is there a special party room?

Guests can hang out in the Loft or Café when not playing games.

5. How does party pricing/reservations work?

Prices are per person. No deposit is required to book a reservation, but a credit card is required as part of our cancellation policy. Reservations can be booked online at

6. You have a café – do you provide party treats such as cake, or can families bring their own? What café menu items might be ideal for a party?

Outside food and drink are allowed (cake is not provided). Most families elect the recruit package, which is game time only, or the gamer package, which includes a snack and beverage. Our snacks include Dippin’ Dots, movie-size theater candy and chips.

7. What gaming systems do you have available, and what are some of the most popular games to play?

We offer 46 PCs (Alienware), 12 Consoles (Xbox), 10 Nintendo Switches and 4 Retro Arcades for your enjoyment. We have the most popular games downloaded to our systems, like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, Overwatch and Valorant.

8. What is the ideal age range for a Rewind eSports party?

8 to 16

9. Are there Rewind eSports staff on-hand to answer questions, trouble-shoot, etc.?

A party host is provided to help the gamers with any hardware or software issues.

10. How far in advance do you need to book your party?

A couple of weeks in advance.

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